11DEC2019 – OCF Update

I didn’t post anything extra yesterday or today, just the Photo and Quote of the Day, because all the action was Monday.  All the rest is the spin going back and forth and honestly I’ve grown bored with that.  When Durham does something then I’ll remark on that.  As far as the impeachment jazz, ho-hum.

And I guess we’ll all have to wait for tomorrow for Boris and the Brexit election results.  Looks like he’ll win the day whether it’s a 28 seats or 68 seats majority, it’s more than enough to finish off Brexit.  If he still fails then it will reinforce the far right’s conspiracy theories.  But I am convinced Boris will get it done.  He may finesse a few things because he isn’t a social conservative but he will cut the cord with the EU.

As far as the Dem primary, there hasn’t been anything funny enough to mock lately.  But I’m sure it will errupt soon so hang in there for that.  I’ll start doing some Christmas stuff soon becuase I enjoy that.  And some more reviews and of course Star Trek continues.

So pardon the lull but I just don’t want to say the same things over and over.