An Eventful Week in a Momentous Year

President Trump is a bold fellow.  A while ago he was saying he wanted the lockdown to end on Easter.  And predictably the media went ballistic.  They weren’t going to allow the country to get better if they could help it.  But President Trump isn’t easily discouraged so right after Easter he began hinting that things are going to change.  And now we know that he’s going to start a rolling wave of openings.  As he explained at his press conference yesterday the loosening of restrictions will begin first in the states that have not been overwhelmed by hospital cases.  A strategy will be worked out with the Governors that allows for flexibility of conditions and timing.

And the President took time this week to hit back at some of the misinformation that the Democrats and the Media have been spreading at his expense.  First off, he put to rest the alarmism that many had spread about many tens of thousands of additional ventilators that would be needed during the pandemic peak.  He provided facts that showed that the actual usage of ventilators even in the hardest hit areas like New York City was at least a factor of ten lower than the estimates claimed by some alarmists like Mayor DeBlasio.  President Trump pointed this out but also stated that the stockpile of ventilators now available would be useful as a strategic reserve.

Next, he reminded the audience that instead of the alarmist predictions of hundreds of thousands or even millions of deaths from the virus the reality would be an order of magnitude lower at least.

And the President described upcoming meetings with industry, union and political leaders to address the financial damage that has already been done to workers and small businesses by the shutdowns.  And he assured us that getting the economy going again and providing short term relief to the affected was one of his highest priorities.  In connection with this he hinted that Congress will need to take additional action to make funds available to save many small businesses and families from bankruptcy.

And one of the more amusing meetings was a White House press conference where the President ran a video clip that featured the comments from a couple of months ago where medical experts for the networks condemned President Trump for stopping flights from China because the COVID-19 outbreak wouldn’t be important enough to warrant such a racist and xenophobic action.  Now they constantly harp on how late he waited to take action on the virus.  It’s as if they suffer from selective amnesia rather than shameless hypocrisy.  And the clip finished off with various governors including partisan democrats like Andrew Cuomo thanking President Trump profusely for the assistance he has provided to the states.

All of this is just the public relations aspect of what is going on.  President Trump is preparing for the most important action of his life.  He needs to coordinate the action of fifty different Governors to make decisions that will involve life and death for their citizens.  And all this while the Democrats and the Media will try to make any setback, any tragedy into a headline to punish the President and throw the election to that demented groper Biden.  It takes a bold fellow to undertake this even if the media and the institutions were in his pocket.  To do it with every power center in the world dead set against him is not boldness it’s fearless audacity.  Bravo sir, bravo.

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War Pig
War Pig
1 year ago

The buck stops in the Oval Office.

Marilyn Renee Crawford

I agree, bravo President Trump! Still I must add, chipping us is not a Godly action. The Bible clearly warns us to not take any mark, (chip). As it explains that chipping the people is a work of the Anti-Christ. Mr. Kushner wants to chip every citizen of the world. What are we supposed to think? Anyone who knows the Bible, knows that taking a chip will keep us from Heaven, as it puts our trust in man, rather than God’s Word, which, is higher than His name. Christians have been warned. Other religions???