Selective Abandonment of the Law

If I were President Trump, when I got in front of the microphone at the Republican convention, I would address the citizens living in blue states across the country and ask, “Have you had enough of your democrat masters feeding you to the mob?  If so, then vote them out of office and try the Republicans for a change.  They’re no smarter but they are a little less evil.”

If a state decides to pick and choose who doesn’t have to obey the law and who does isn’t that the same behavior, we passed the civil rights laws to prevent back in the 1960s?  We now have mobs all around the country burning, looting and assaulting innocent Americans with virtual immunity from police action while anyone who tries to resist this felonious attack on property and life is immediately arrested and charged to the fullest extent of the law.

If I were a local, I’d want the mayor of Kenosha and the governor of Wisconsin prosecuted for civil rights violations.  This same playbook was used months ago in the adjoining state of Minnesota.  There is no longer any excuse that they didn’t know what the result of pulling back the police would be.  This is a premeditated sacrifice of the livelihoods and lives of the people of Kenosha to the political allegiance of these politicians.

I guess we’re about to find out if the people of Kenosha are okay with having their city sacked by vandals.  The mayor is up for re-election this year.  I would approximate his chances as 0.0%.  The governor has two years before his election but unless something even more horrible happens that allows the Republicans to take the blame, I’d say his chances are 0.1%.

I read an article that asked a bunch of people in Wisconsin whom they were going to support for President in November and even lifelong Democrats who hate President Trump said they were going to vote for him.  So at least some good has come out of this fiasco.  But why doesn’t the Department of Justice intervene and hold these people accountable for their abandonment of their own citizens?  All they have to do is interview the police and find out if orders were issued to permit the violence that is being perpetrated daily in these cities.  Why isn’t the FBI identifying the ringleaders in these Antifa/BLM gangs and drag them away as domestic terrorists?  It gets hard to believe that there is anyone who cares about these people whose lives are being destroyed.

What I want to hear come out of the Republican convention is that justice will be served against the people who perpetrated and the people who abetted and even the people who allowed this reign of terror to go on and on for months.  The Democrats have turned this country into a banana republic.  Portland and Seattle might as well be in Venezuela.  The leaders use mobs of partisans to terrorize and silence their enemies and law only applies to whom the leaders say it does.  Lori Lightfoot, the noxious Mayor of Chicago is okay with the mob burning down other people’s neighborhoods but has a special police detachment reserved for protecting her home.

The first one who should be charged is that half-wit Jacob Frey.  The DOJ should charge him with the damage that was done to all the businesses in Minneapolis.  And he should be held accountable for any deaths and injuries that occurred because of his abandonment of his city to the mob.

Next should be the idiot governor of Minnesota.  His refusal to utilize the National Guard when the problem was till manageable was equally culpable with Frey’s idiocy.

The rest of the conspirators, the mayors of the rest of the blue cities, New York, LA, Seattle, Chicago, Portland, etc., should also be held accountable.  With the murder rates skyrocketing in many of these places serious charges should be levied against all of them.

Will any of this happen?  I’m guessing no.  As an alternative, do you think the idiot Republicans would at least run on the rioting as a way to try and regain control of the House of Representatives and bolster their hold on the Senate.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Americans, even Americans in blue states have had enough of watching the United States turned into Beirut.

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chris muir
1 year ago

Excellent angle on the law here!

Old Codger
Old Codger
1 year ago

Face it, folks, the alleged “rule of law” is a myth. When push comes to shove, no government ever has – or ever WILL – choose to follow its own law over its interest. De facto, all there has ever been is the rule of men. What is different today is that the modern left no longer bothers even to pay lip service to the rule of law. Today’s left blithely applauds conduct exhibited by a group of which it approves which only yesterday it opprobriated in a group of which it did not approve. Unfortunately, aided and abetted by… Read more »