US Marshalls and FBI Put Down Antifa Mad Dog Killer

The feds did what the Portland police and Oregon law enforcement refused to do.  They hunted down the murdering thug who killed Aaron Danielson and when he resisted arrest they put him down.  The fugitive Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, was tracked down to an apartment in Lacey, Wash., near Tacoma.  He was confronted as he entered an automobile and when he refused to submit to arrest he was shot and killed.  Reinoehl had earlier admitted in an interview that he shot Danielson, allegedly in self defense.  But video of the killing tells a different story.

Good riddance.  Let’s hope the feds start targeting the rest of the scum that Antifa/BLM has hired as mercenaries.  Antifa hired these thugs to make their pathetic army of twig boys and blue haired fat girls more destructive.  With them removed the protests will more resemble a latte complaint at a Starbucks than a riot.

Congratulations to President Trump and Bill Barr for doing the right thing and getting justice for Danielson.  As for Portland, may the earth swallow you up and leave nothing behind but a hole in the ground.  You are not Americans.  You are sham marxist revolutionaries that deserve whatever horrible things happen to you.  And I hope they do.