The ZMan Tells the Dissident Right To Abandon the GOP

The ZMan believes that it is better to forsake the GOP and let them be forced out of office.  This is a radical proposal that would have enormous consequences.  Read his logic and see what you think.  I’ll have a post of my own to give my opinion but I thought it worth linking to give his argument first.

Just Walk Away


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2 years ago

I think I’m with the Zman. Besides a handful of true conservatives fighting for us such as Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, Devin Nunes and the like, the rest of the Republicans are establishment losers still seeking media approval. Trump and company should look to start a new party to fight these radicals. I see no other option at this point.

2 years ago

It’s too late to form another party. With the progressives owning media and education and pumping out millions of their party faithful every year and getting ready to import 10’s of millions of foreign voters, just turning the entire thing over to them for the decade or better necessary to organize anything new simply won’t work.

I see two choices, coopt the Republican party or move to Mars.