20JAN2021 – OCF Update – Day One of Post-America

I was talking with some buddies of mine during the nailing up of the scarecrow in DC this morning and we were speculating on what kinds of things we could expect.  The first thing mentioned was that gasoline will be between four and five dollars a gallon as soon as fracking is banned.  That led to speculation about oil company stocks which have been significantly lower in price in the last year because of the COVID collapse in commuting.  We all agreed that they would start rising significantly in price.  Something to think about for long term investors.  A couple of guys brought up that Dementia Joe was sure to start the solar and wind grifts going again just like his old butt buddy Obama back in his Solyndra Scam days.  One guy said there would be a pay day if you get in and out before the collapse that was bound to occur after the scammers sucked the cash out of the government subsidies.  Another guy told him to stick to picking cards in three-card monte games as the odds were better.

I told the guys I’ve begun reading Solzhenitsyn to see if I can pick up any pointers on how to live in a gulag.  They thought that was a little gloomy of me.  But I told them I could see how looking at the Soviet mindset would be valuable.  I wished them a successful end of the week and signed off.

Today is a sad day for anyone who loved this country growing up.  It’s almost as if they thought long and hard at who would be the worst man they could pretend was President of the United States.  Look at the scorecard.  As a politician Dementia Joe was always a mediocre hack.  Recent developments prove that he sold his services to the Chinese and Ukrainians, with his crack addict son Hunter as the bagman.  Intellectually he was known to be a mental midget even in his prime, having been caught plagiarizing smarter people both in school and as a candidate for President.  And now in his dotage he can barely get through a paragraph of teleprompter text without stammering and drawing a blank on what he was trying to say.  He probably is closing in on middle-stage dementia and now we’re going to see him in charge of the nuclear arsenal and the world economy.

But replacing him with his Vice President will be going from the frying pan into the fire.  Willie Brown’s Ho is equally dim-witted and equally dishonest.  And listening to her speak is even worse than suffering through Biden’s jabbering.  Her histrionics during the Democrat debates reminded me of a female mental patient during an emotional breakdown.

I hope to spend some time mocking and lampooning our evil idiots in Washington.  There will be some joy in that.  I hope I can be scurrilous enough that they outrage the other side.  They truly deserve it.  But other than that I’ll spend my time looking for and highlighting activity on our side of the political fence and researching any strategies that will allow us to avoid the fallout of living under the tyranny of the banana republic regime that has been installed.

Just to repeat, this is a sad day for America but we must learn to adapt to these circumstances begin the job of building our own society.  Day One of Post-America survived.

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Neil M. Dunn
Neil M. Dunn
10 months ago

I have not read any of Solzhenitsyn’s books. Do you have an order or reading plan for your quest you would care to share? I am going to reread Orwell’s 1984 and possibly Animal Farm to start my post election reading program. Solzhenitsyn seems like a good choice to follow.

Neil M. Dunn
Neil M. Dunn
10 months ago

Thank you for the information. Seems like a good place to start.