How Much Longer Will Joe be Allowed to Stay on Stage?

I’ve been kidding lately about Disney’s animatronic Biden exhibit being stolen by the White House to stand-in for Dementia Joe.  Now it doesn’t look so far-fetched.

Watching that Town Hall meeting with Joe Biden and Don Lemon was a revelation.  Here’s an event as scripted as anything can possibly be and he couldn’t stumble through it without sounding like a lobotomized mental patient.  I suppose that it’s just possible that Joe is faking his imbecility but I can’t make myself believe it.  No, I think he really is slipping into advanced senility.

Admittedly, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to depose the President of the United States and it would be an enormous blow to the legitimacy of the Democratic regime but if they keep this guy in there much longer it will be impossible to pretend that he’s qualified to run the most powerful country on the planet.

Some people have theorized that the delay in bringing in Harris is to maximize the number of years she can serve as Biden’s successor.  Other people have said that she is so unlikable that anything will be done to avoid putting her in the White House.  I think that for better or worse Joe won’t be able to pretend to be mentally competent for more than another six months or so.  Maybe they can keep him locked in the basement and send out written transcripts or have him read his speeches off a teleprompter but off the cuff answers to the press look like a thing of the past at this point.

So, the question is how do we use this to our advantage?  The only thing that occurs to me is that the Republicans should use those video clips from the town hall to persuade the American people that they’ve been deceived.  And they can add that people willing to make a dementia case president cannot be trusted to look after the welfare of the American people.  I think that would be a worthwhile use of advertising money.  That video shows a very disturbing truth.  And only a fanatic or a liar could deny it.  If the Republicans are too stupid to use this then Joe’s not the only dementia case.

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1 year ago

In a world with a functioning press, many things would be different.