24JUL2021 – OCF Update – Summer Event

Ah, the great day has arrived.  The cleaning (by me!) and the cooking is all done.  An armada of tables and chairs have been arrayed with plates and silverware.  Glaciers of ice have been procured and cold beverages are resting on them.  The grass is manicured (sort of) and the hounds have been sent away for the day.  All that is needed are the guests and their appetites.  Frivolity and bom homme will abound and never will be heard a discouraging word.  But that means this will be a very slow day on the site until much later.  So my faithful readers I leave you to your own devices.  Enjoy what is touted to be an ideal summer day.




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1 year ago

Given what you term as your “lazy gene” that prep period must have been traumatic. Or maybe there is a genetic hierarchy and your lazy gene was solidly trumped by your if-you-know-what-is-good-for-you gene.

1 year ago

One way you get off easy, this time of year anyway, is with the weather. Just checked weather up your way and the temp is only around 10 degrees F warmer here but add another 30 degrees to your dewpoint and it “feels” like 104, a sodden, sweating 104 here. Add in the gnats and mosquitos and it’s get-me-in-the-A/C time here.