Biden Agonistes

Sometimes it’s important to stop and smell the roses.

Now that Dementia Joe has found his groove and provides the public with a daily failure or easily recognized lie it’s becoming a very enjoyable daily ritual to go to the top news and see what Joe’s latest coup consists of.

Will it be a new confabulation with himself as hero?  Maybe he cured polio back in the day or invented the solar panel.  Will it be the announcement of some foreign policy failure?  Perhaps Canada will re-align its military with Russia or China.  Or maybe some new embarrassment from Biden’s past will surface.  Possibly him sniffing the hair of a small child or a coma victim.

But whatever it is, I feel so grateful that Joe is the president.  He is uniquely qualified to wake up millions of Americans who until now thought that the Democrat party was a legitimate political organization.  Drawing on his super power of ultra-stupid he can delegitimize almost anything.

In fact, at the rate he’s going, he’s bound to bring the whole concept of representative government into disrepute and bring on a new age of monarchy.  King Donald the First?  I guess it’s possible.

And all this is very surprising.  The last time we saw this kind of public humiliation of a president was when George W Bush was hung out to dry during Hurricane Katrina.  And building on that the press kept the drum beat of failure going right up to the end of his term in office.  Is it intentional on their part?  Or is Joe just so incompetent that there’s no way even a compliant media establishment can paper over his failures?  It’s still sort of an open question.  I think the answer should become clear within the next couple of weeks.  Monday is Labor Day and the end of the summer doldrums.  From thereon in, every news story will be reaching the full audience of readers.  If fresh atrocities from Afghanistan continue to make it to the top of the news page, then Joe will be a spectacular failure in his first year as president.  If somehow the drip of bad news suddenly dries up and instead the heroic Biden meme reappears then we know that his people have made peace with the Deep State and all is forgiven.

Now, that’s not to say that outside events won’t have a lot to do with the narrative.  There are still hundreds of Americans trapped in Afghanistan.  We’ve yet to see any of them declared hostages.  Every day that ISIS-K does not send out a video of an American captive gets Joe Biden one day closer to putting Afghanistan behind him.  After all the public is pretty simple-minded.  Whatever the story of the day is quickly drives out of their minds yesterday’s big news.  Do that enough times and even something as momentous as 9-11-2001 fades into ancient history.  So. unless the media has turned permanently against Dementia Joe good luck can save him.

But good luck isn’t a Joe Biden thing.  Lying, yes.  Corruption, absolutely.  But now that Joey has the highest visibility job on Earth his lies and machinations are becoming harder and harder to hide.  So, I foresee more gaffs, more failures and more disgust on the part of Americans who discover that their president is a transparently corrupt and senile weasel.

Well done, Dementia Joe, well done.