The Fabulous Adventure of Dementia Joe and the Tree of Life

Well, you have to admire a guy that never quits.  If lies A through F don’t work there’s always G, H and I.  Coming up to the Jewish Holidays Joe spins another lie about going to the site of a tragedy that he can use for his narrative.  Problem is even his guys are tired of the out and out fabrications.  Joe claimed he visited the site of an anti-semitic mass murder in Pennsylvania.  But the people there told the truth and said he never showed up there at all.

We all need to stop worrying about truth.  Joe’s fake stories are much more entertaining.  In fact I want more fake.  How about the Adventures of Corn Pop and GI Joe Biden in Fallujah.  All it needs is the right comic book illustrator and it will sell millions.

Biden is the perfect representative for the Democrat party and in fact all of the Left.  He combines in equal measures self-delusion and intentional deception.  One slides seamlessly into the other.  And lately it’s on open display.  The Rout from Kabul is a brilliant military victory.  Sluggish economic growth is a dynamic recovery.  Broken promises on the end of the COVID lockdown is glossed over as “following the science.”

The only thing that’s new is that the media seems to be getting new marching orders.  Maybe they’re getting ready to move Joe out and move Lady Macbeth in.

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