30OCT2021 – OCF Update

Today I spent a good chunk of the day on fiction writing.  And it was very productive and I think successful.  But the trade off is no time for web site work.  I’m going to have to get much more efficient at splitting my time between the two tasks.  Tonight I am employed watching the 1922 and 1979 versions of Nosferatu.  The original is a silent film that is without a doubt a puzzling experience for the modern audience.  The film quality is terrible, the special effects are non-existent and the acting is highly stylized if I want to put it politely.  The 1979 version is titled Nosferatu the Vampyre and was directed by Werner Herzog.  I just started it but it looks like it could be okay.  I hope to have the review out tonight.


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1 year ago

Make it a trinity with Shadow of the Vampire, which is a fictional retelling of the original production of Herzog’s film, with John Malkovich as Herzog and Willem Defoe as the actor/vampire.
It’s hysterical.

Tyler, the Portly Politico

I recently watched _Nosferatu in Venice_, an interesting take on Nosferatu.

Also, kudos on writing fiction. I’ve gotsta figure out how to budget my time better. The blog is eating up most of my writing time, but I have several ideas for short stories that I want to tinker with when I have the time.