DeSantis Will Push for a Florida Agency to Police Election Fraud

It’s like he’s reading my mind.  Which I guess just means he’s doing his job.  This is right on the money.  Don’t wait for the fraud to cost you an election.  Arrest the perpetrators in the act and prevent the problem.  Imagine if Pennsyvania had had a law like this when those bozos covered up the windows and excluded the poll watchers.  The cops could have dragged them away to jail instead of allowing them to steal an election.

Why the hell aren’t the rest of the Republican governors copying this stuff?  We need forty nine other guys just like him.

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1 year ago

Clearly racist!

1 year ago
Reply to  photog

So you’re not aware that Western deductive thinking, linear thinking, reasoning, logic, mathematics, etc., are by definition, racist?

(actually, the above has been declared to be true! It’s the basis of eliminating those subjects from public education in places like California)

You’re a racist!