Brain Dead Mayor of Chicago Ups Her Game

Depend on Lori Lightfoot to put her light foot in her big mouth every time.  The reality challenged Mayor of Chicago has begun blaming the victims saying that the stores are at fault for not having more security staff and cameras and for trying to sell merchandise to customers.

In addition to looking like some kind of hideous pop-eyed troll Lightfoot defies reason with the twisted logic that asserts that selling expensive handbags means you’re asking for thieves to steal them.  And as for security guards, if fifty or a hundred people begin a flash mob of smash and grab looting what are two or three security guards going to do?  The thieves know that the guards aren’t allowed to shoot them and with the odds against them they are the ones who could end up in the hospital or the morgue.

And at this point, the police sure as hell aren’t going to intervene.  Shooting someone for a property crime is a guarantee of ending up in prison.  So chances are commercial retail at a higher price point than the Dollar Store levels will be exiting the Windy City really soon.  C’est la vie.  Or rather c’est la guerre.  Goodbye Chicago.  See you on the other side of the revolution.


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1 month ago

It won’t stop with Gucci stores. Drug stores and grocery stores will leave as well. Are the dollar stores (Pardon me, $1.25 stores – Let’s Go Brandon!) going to pay the astronomical rents that Gucci and CK could pay? No. They can’t and they won’t. And then that bug-eyed cretin can start crying about “White flight” and “Food deserts” and the Unfairness of the rich folks taking their money and tax dollars into the suburbs or, worse yet, into a red state. This will not end well for the blue cities. There are only two paths available to Chicago: New… Read more »

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