26FEB2023 – OCF Update

Well, today is a chore day.  I’ve got to scrape away the inch of snow off the driveways in anticipation of the eight inches due tomorrow night.  It won’t take long but it breaks up the morning and gives me an excuse to skip my exercise.

Princess Sack of Potatoes is staying over this weekend and we’ve had an abbreviated game of Dead Pile already.  But I’ve begun the pivot to reading and writing.  She’s got those workbooks that can be dry erased so we’re working on printing the letters.  Later on we’ll conquer the “at” family again.  And we’ll use that convicted racist Dr. Seuss to hammer home the words.

I read with dismay that Brad Paisley has recorded as song in honor of Zelenskyyyyyyyy.  Oh, well.  I remember he had an Obama song too so apparently trying to toe the line is standard operating procedure for him.  Too bad.  He has some fun songs.

I’ve been following some of the various websites following the Ukraine war.  I think the latest theory is that the Russians intend to use the “glacier” model.  They’re going to pulverize the Ukraine army but at a glacial rate of advance.  Their assault on Bakhmut is proceeding at about one square mile a day.  But depending on sources some number of hundreds of Ukrainian casualties a day are occurring.  At the current rate in about two weeks the city will be completely surrounded and cut off from resupply.  At that point the Ukrainian soldiers inside will be faced with the choice of surrender or extermination.

Apparently the Russians have decided that wearing the Ukrainians down is the correct strategy.  Blitzkriegs are no longer possible in this age of real time remote target identification.  A column of tanks can be spotted and destroyed from five hundred miles away.  The other problem for the Ukrainians is the fact that we’re running out of munitions to give them.  By the summer we’ll have used up our entire stockpile of artillery ammunition and the Ukrainians will have to reduce their artillery firing rate to a small fraction of their enemy’s.

Funny world we live in.  Looking at the tactics and objectives of their rule I’d have to say that the policies of the present United States more closely resembles that of the Soviet Union than the present day Russian Federation does.  Isn’t that a remarkable thing.  Well, if we can manage to avoid setting off a thermonuclear war perhaps a time will come when we can pry the United States foreign policy away from the neocons and find a way to coexist with the Russians and the Chinese that allows each nation to follow its interests without a shooting war breaking out every few months.  I know it’s far-fetched but an old man can hope can’t he?

Well, hopefully later on I’ll think of something reasonable to write about.  Enjoy your Sunday.

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Neil Dunn
Neil Dunn
9 months ago

“I’ve been following some of the various websites following the Ukraine war.”

Best I can discern–>Russia wins this time around.