Never Waste a Civilizational Crash

We live in the proverbial “interesting times” of the Chinese saying.  Joe Biden twists and wriggles in the slime that is his element, excreting lies into his surroundings as naturally as an octopus discharges ink to confuse its enemies.  Woke banks crash, even more woke crypto exchanges are revealed as Ponzi schemes and Biden will declare that unless he can raise taxes by six trillion dollars the United States will descend into fiscal anarchy.  I’m curious if Keven McCarthy has the cast iron stones it would take to call his bluff.  I guess we’re about to find out.

I read that Saudi Arabia and Iran have decided to bury the hatchet.  This rapprochement was brokered by the Chinese and is just another indicator of how the United States is no longer the center of global diplomacy.  China and Russia are now routinely consulting with the Indians and the Saudis about trade and energy and the United States is definitely an outsider in these discussions.  In fact, in many cases the consultations are about avoiding Washington’s meddling in their affairs.

The Ukrainian war drags on with Russia using cruise and hypersonic missiles to cripple Ukraine’s electrical grid and rail system in advance of the long heralded Ukrainian spring offensive.  Now that Russia is at the point of collapsing Ukraine’s hold on the regional rail and road hub at Bakhmut through a glacially slow encirclement action it will be more difficult than ever for the Ukrainians to bring up supplies and troops from the West until sometime in May.  The spring thaw will render anything but paved roads completely impassable for tanks and other heavy fighting equipment such as the Bradley vehicles.

Based on what I’ve learned from watching the winter campaign, the Russians are using a very slow advance in conjunction with massive artillery bombardment to pulverize the Ukrainian army one square block at a time.  Because of the Ukraine’s policy of contesting every square inch of territory the Russian artillery strategy produces continuous casualties.  And with the estimate that western artillery shell stockpiles will be completely depleted by sometime this summer, the Ukrainians will be in a very difficult position with respect to defending many of the larger cities in Donbass such as Slovyansk and Kramatorsk.  There has also been speculation around Russia attempting to occupy Odessa and possibly reabsorb the breakaway Moldovan province of Transdniestria.

Many people wonder how this whole thing started.  Well, all of this is the State Department’s brain child.  Along with the CIA they sponsored the color revolution in Ukraine and funded the buildup of weapons and bunkers that have brought us to the present conflict.  And even as they continue to antagonize a country with a massive nuclear arsenal, they consider this outcome a success.

And every day we are treated to the spectacle of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the rest of the cavalcade of clowns slowly destroying whatever is still left of the United States.  Rail cars full of toxins burn in American cities, Mexican drug cartels murder American citizens with impunity, small businesses are folding up and dying by the millions and local communities and their citizens struggle to pay their fuel bills and buy food.

I guess Joe Biden has adopted the same strategy that the Russians are using against the Ukrainians.  He will just use a constant bombardment of misery against his own people until they just collapse, roll up and die.  It seems like a winning strategy.  It’s agonizingly slow and painful but hey what the heck!  He has to fill up the year and a half until the next election and there’s no way he can fix all the stuff he’s destroyed.  He might as well finish the job and destroy the rest of the country.  I suppose if your life has been destroyed and you’ve lost everything, voting won’t be a high priority.  So, he won’t even have to do much voter fraud this time around.  A real win/win.

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8 months ago

While Joe Biden, Kamala & Co. are the ones at the podium as the face of this regime, the unsettling question is the same one it has always been; “Who’s behind the curtains?” Within the managerial state there has to be folks in positions who have held sway there for decades at this point.