Spin the Wheel and Take Your Chance

Yesterday I allowed myself to bask in the warmth of what a complete conservative victory in America would be like.  And honestly, it must have been something I wanted to indulge in at that moment.  Just thinking of the world restored to normalcy was intoxicating.  But indulging in a narcotic that strong is dangerous.  Fentanyl is for thoracic surgery not as an apéritif.  So please excuse my recent indulgence and let’s talk about something a little less fantastical.

For the last couple of weeks, the daily polls of Creepy Joe’s approval ratings have been steadily rising.  And the pages of Politico and the Atlantic have been full of stories about how the mid-terms are starting to look like a Democrat come back story, full of redemption, angry women and Trump hatred.  And so, the usual spineless Republicans are wringing their hands and running in circles.  So familiar.

Well, I guess this isn’t my first rodeo clown circus.  I love how the mantra of these weak-kneed types is, “Renounce Trump!”  They must feel if we disown the devil, the angel of death won’t enter our house and we’ll survive the curse.  Fascinating.

But I feel quite the opposite.  Just bring it on.  Let them do their worst.  Raid Mar-a-Lago, cancel college debt, declare marshal law, auto-tune Joe Biden and put him on TikTok, whatever they want.  Now is the time for us to find out if there’s any hope of the American people waking up or not.  Runaway inflation, recession, Hunter Biden, Ukraine, Afghanistan, COVID tyranny and COVID incompetence.  You name it.  No one has seen an administration as incompetent and just plain weird in the entire history of the United States.  If we can’t win in this environment then we never will.

So, no whining, no bland middle of the road waffling.  We need to fly our colors and let the chips land as they may.  If we’re able to take back the Senate then we must stiff Biden’s appointments and investigate everything that went on over the last two years.  An impeachment over the laptop evidence is a no brainer.  And the details of this trial will be must see tv.  Hunter’s former business partner has already stated on the record that Joe Biden was “the big guy” who was skimming ten percent of the revenues.  That alone should be enough to convince most of the American people that they have a crook in the White House and not a very smart crook at that.

And the investigation into the origins and the mishandling of the COVID fiasco should put an end to many political careers.  There currently seems to be ample proof that the vaccines weren’t safe or effective and yet politicians and medical bureaucrats pushed them on people as if they were.  These actions demonstrate a level of dishonesty and recklessness that should shock the citizens of this country when they’re revealed.

And there are a hundred other things going on that should be investigated.  Afghanistan is a national disgrace.  Their energy policy is disastrously stupid.  The transgender policy on minors is horrific.  And on and on and on.

And what if we lose?  If we don’t take the House then there is no hope.  Even if we take the House but don’t recapture the Senate, I will consider that the Dissident Right is correct and we can’t vote our way out of this hole we’re in.  That will be a bleak outcome.

But knowing the truth no matter how depressing is preferable to basing your life on a delusion.  At least the truth allows you to stop wasting time and resources on pipe dreams and instead try to sidestep some of the damage coming your way.  And it allows you to look for Plan B whatever you decide that may be.  So we’re less than seventy days to the election.  Bring it.

Sanity Check

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve allowed my enthusiasm to become unbridled.  Everything is good, the sun is bright and shiny and I’m whistling a happy tune.  All’s right with the world in this best of all possible worlds where Donald Trump is King.  And that tells me that it’s time that I should be, in the inimitable words of Fagin “reviewing the situation.”  What could go wrong?

Let’s walk through it.  The Mid-Term Elections are upon us.  The whole Blue Wave scare is just that, a scare tactic meant to produce FUD.  So, far from retaking the Senate, odds are very good that the Republicans will add at least a couple of seats and very likely a few more.  But the House is a very different matter.  Redistricting in Pennsylvania and elsewhere and retiring Republican incumbents mean that there are plenty of races that could go to the Democrats.  So, while there may not be any groundswell of Democrat sentiment it’s entirely possible that the Democrats could take the House by a slim margin.

And although he has been quiet for the last couple of weeks, the Mueller investigation may very well be sitting on a bombshell either of a direct or indirect nature to the Russia investigation.  He may be waiting to try and do maximum damage to the House races and thereby allow a Democrat House to vote for impeachment against the President.

Finally, there’s the X factor.  Things have been going along swimmingly.  The economy is growing at a phenomenal rate and all of the President’s trade and foreign affairs initiatives have been amazingly successful.  What if something changes?  Basically, the X factor is anything big going south.  Let’s say the stock market crashes.

Now, anyone of these three events is a major problem.  Losing the House or fighting a Mueller or dealing with a Wall Street meltdown is a serious situation.  But let’s assume the worst.  Let’s assume that a Mueller bombshell causes a Blue Wave that scares the Stock Market into a crash.

Well, that’s not such a bright and shiny day anymore is it?  In fact, that’s almost a replay of 2008.  The only difference is that the 2020 election would still be two years away and the President would be Donald Trump instead of George W. Bush.  And while I don’t trivialize the severity of such an onslaught I still think that who is performing damage control is more important than the exact details of the crisis.

And one more thing is different.  I am no longer invested in trying to win over the other side.  If they already have the numerical advantage in the voting population then the sooner I know the better.  Donald Trump has given us a breather with his success.  There’s even a chance that he can put together a coalition of people who want the traditional American way of life to survive.  But it’s far from a certainty that he can pull it off.  But I’ve come to terms with this situation.  I no longer depend on us winning.  In fact, adapting to a permanent underground status would be almost easier.  At least it would solidify my survival tactics and start me moving in the direction needed to protect myself from the consequences of that sadder but less uncertain world.

So that’s the worst case.  And you know what.  I’m still good.  I can deal with that.  I’ll adapt and thrive.  I’ll help those I care about to adapt and thrive.  And that’s the worst case.  Anything lesser will be even easier.  I’ll be even better.  So as far as my sanity check, my enthusiasm is still unbridled.

Bring it.