Hat Tip to Raconteur for Posting this Message

Here’s someone using his skills for the cause on a local basis.  Mr. Anderson wants to use his abilities as a lawyer to push back against the Left in Virginia.  Raconteur, can you leave a link for any folks living in Virginia to join the meeting?  Maybe even folks outside the state might be interested.  I know I am.

Update: I see from the text that if we are interested in the zoom we have to reply to the e-mail to get the link.  Sorry about my confusion.



Here’s one you can get behind:

From: Tim Anderson <tim@timforva.com>
Subject: Zoom Town Hall Tomorrow at 830pm

We have now watched 50 lawsuits be filed and fail challenging election results. Lawsuits are being thrown out on standing, failure to file a suit in the proper court, failure to have consent of named Plaintiffs to proceed. What is going on?

I have been practicing law for 21 years. I do not win every case. But when I am in a fight, I fight as hard as I can and minimize stupid mistakes. We are all human, but my God.. The case against a sitting Vice President by a Congressman trying to invalidate the Electoral College was rightfully thrown out because it was a garbage case. Texas suing Pennsylvania was shot down by the Supreme Court for lack of standing.

Conservatives need to start winning court battles.

I have ideas of what we can do to bring challenges in Virginia that I believe will advance conservative causes and challenge anti-constitution liberal policies and laws. My ideas will not change who becomes our next President and my ideas are realted to Virginia state issues. But the GOP must start winning in Virginia. I have won 2 cases against Demoract leadership in 2020 and I succesfully beat the first criminal charge against my client charged with open carrying a pistol in a park in Newport News in violation of the new anti-open carry ordinance passed in Newport News in 2020.

In order to win, we need to pick clear targets, strike with precision, and move on to the next fight. There are many of these fights in Virginia that should be brought. Collectively, each win gains momentum. We cannot sit and watch 50.. yes 50.. major lawsuits filed and failed on technecalities. When you file and fail, you not only lose forward momentum, you lose respect with the court and the attorneys you commonly litigate against. But most important, everytime a Democrat successfully defends a pourly filed legal challenge, THEY BUILD MOMENTUM. Ask yourself this.. Is the President BETTER or WORSE today than he was 45 days ago? Does losing 50 lawsuits help with the liberal media taking a victory lap on 24 hour news channels each time a suit gets thrown out?
We are not losing cases because of “Obama liberal judges”. We are losing because the lawyering is minor league. Lawyers more interested in becoming pop idols then actually winning cases are running the legal circus we are watching. It is embarassing.

As conservative consitutional loving Americans, we have to think SMARTER. Find fights we can win and take those proper fights to the Courts for adjudication.

Tomorrow I will discuss my vision for 2021.

If you want to join, the meeting will be at 830pm on Sunday 1/3/21. Reply to this email that you would like the link and we will send it.

TIm Anderson



A Little Clarity

The post-election limbo has been going on now for a couple of months now and I realized today that I’ve been trying to figure out how I go forward.  I guess I’ve been waiting for a resolution to the election fraud.  But at this point I don’t think an external event is what is needed.  Well, sure, if the Senate votes to throw out the fraudulent states and declares President Trump the winner that would be a hell of an event.  There would be six months of uproar to write about and pitchforks and torches would be the accessories for all the best dressed revolutionaries.

But the externals would still be just the symptoms of the underlying problem and at this point addressing that problem also requires an internal solution.  What I mean is that I have to find a way to adapt to the reality of the world around me.  And this adaption for me means optimizing my ability to live the kind of life I want to by working around the system I’m embedded in.  And part of that life I want to live is contributing to the building up and expanding of organizations and individuals that believe in what I do.

And so, I can stop holding my breath waiting for the Supreme Court or the Senate Republicans or Mike Pence to save the day and free me from my jail cell here in the Gulag.  I’ll free myself.  I’ll take action to make this a better place for people like me by direct action.  Granted the action is miniscule.  My little blog and my family and small circle of friends is so small and insignificant that not even the trolls have found me yet.  Well almost none of them.  There have been a few minor eruptions.

But the actions that I do take are enormously important to my morale.  I don’t have to wait for the resolution of anything.  I don’t have to put my life on hold for a month or a week or even a single minute.  I can write my posts about things that I think are helpful and interesting to people right now.  Whether we prevail in this election or the Democrats are allowed to steal the presidency doesn’t change the fact that there is an enormous job ahead organizing the conservative people living within the former United States of America.  I’m actually more interested in finding the name of the most conservative Christian denominations in my area than I am about which RINOs will betray us this week at the Congressional Presidential Election Confirmation.

The reason that I am writing this is because when I figured these things out it provided clarity to my thinking and it actually made me much happier than I’ve been in months.  So, I hoped that maybe somebody out there reading this might find it helpful too.

I won’t forget about politics and all the mayhem that the Left is committing all around us.  I’ll still find plenty to say about all the outrages by the enemy and the occasional victories for our side.  But I want to spend just as much time talking about things that I can do or you can do to make things better and grow our community.  There’s nothing like direct action to erase a feeling of helplessness.  Think of this little explanation/pep-talk as my direct action for the day.