Church of England No Longer Leads Worldwide Anglican Church

So the Archbishop of Canterbury has finally stepped over a line that actual Christians won’t tolerate.  Allowing the blessing of same sex “marriages” was the bridge too far.  Seventy five percent of the worldwide Anglicans have voted with their feet and have pulled the plug on the leadership of the Church of England under the Archbishop.

“A group of Anglican church leaders from around the world have ousted the Archbishop of Canterbury as their head following the decision to allow the blessing of same-sex couples in England.

The Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSFA) has said in a statement that it no longer considers Justin Welby to be ‘leader of the global communion’, and it has ‘disqualified’ the Church of England from being its ‘mother church’.

Earlier this month, the General Synod – the Church of England’s legislative assembly – passed a motion to allow the blessing of same-sex couples in civil partnerships.

The GSFA said it speaks for 75% of Anglicans around the world, officially representing 25 member provinces – mainly in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

In its statement released on Monday, the group accused the Church of England of ‘taking the path of false teaching’ and going against ‘the historical biblical faith’ by allowing same-sex blessings, adding: ‘This breaks our hearts.'”

All I can think to say is finally!  If actual Christians start doing this everywhere the hierarchy has descended into depravity it will be a relief to the flock.  The next shoe to fall will be the Roman Catholics when Anti-Pope Francis comes out of the closet as Trans-Pope Francine I.

It really is time for Christians to clearly separate themselves from the likes of the fake Christian churches like the Episcopalians and the various other denominations that have descended into atheism in the pulpit.

Christians have a book of rules, it’s called the Bible and it doesn’t take a genius to see that the current crop of religious leaders are not Christians.  They’re woke bureaucrats.  Let them stay in the empty churches and let actual Christians band together to make a community of families who want to recognize all the traditional truths.  That, “God made them male and female.”  And He said “be fruitful and multiply.”  Let them have their LGBTQ church with transgender monstrosities and twelve pride months a year.  Just leave us out.

A Short Review of Rod Dreher’s Book, “The Benedict Option” – Part 1

Two weeks ago I was watching Andrew Klavan’s podcast on the Daily Wire and he had an interview with Rod Dreher who has a book called “The Benedict Option.”  I had heard the title before but thought it had something to do with Pope Benedict abdicating. But the Benedict of the title is Saint Benedict who founded the Benedictine Monastic Order.  The sub-title of the book is “A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation.”  The thesis, as he explained it, is that America is no longer a Christian nation and in fact is now a place inimical to Christians trying to live their faith and raise their children in it.  He drew the analogy of Benedict coming from an Italian town to the city of Rome about twenty five years after the last emperor was deposed by a Germanic King.  Benedict found it a hollowed out and corrupt place.  He decided that the only way to live a Christian life was to separate from the dominant culture and set up a separate society.  According to Dreher this was the basis of the survival of Christianity and the remnants of roman culture in the Middle Ages.

Needless to say, I ordered the book.  I’ve only started it but the introduction basically states that the majority of Americans are not Christians and do not support the traditional concepts as illuminated in the Bible.  He believes that there is no chance that the culture will return to where it was even twenty five years ago but will instead continue down the progressive slope to Gomorrah.  And in fact traditionalist beliefs will be criminalized.

Sounds pretty depressing.  But instead, he says it’s an opportunity.  He thinks this will be the start of a revival.  And we should, like Benedict, gather the faithful and build a New Jerusalem.

When I finish the book, I’ll give you my opinion on his idea.  For now, let’s just say I’m intrigued and I think this idea has relevance for even those who are not Christians but feel that all traditional values are disappearing from the Western world.  After all it’s not that hard finding analogies between the present era and the Late Roman Empire.  Perhaps this time instead of Attila the Hun being the Scourge of God it will be Lady Gaga.