The Hunting of the Snark


If you grew up with Watergate as the primary example of Republicans self-immolating, then news that Jeff Sessions recused himself from investigating the Russian Scandal sounds ominous.  But Donald Trump is not your father’s Republican.  This morning I read that Donald Trump was tweeting how Obama had wire-tapped Trump Tower during the election.  That’s more like it.

Trump seems to have a well-developed instinct for public relations.  I think he is working an angle to allow him to use public opinion to defuse the Obama trip-wires that we see being deployed by Deep State actors and the Fake Media.  The only question in my mind is whether the initial actions by Obama’s surrogates are immune from legal consequences.  Being the petty, vindictive individual I am, I whole-heartedly hope for some truly horrific retribution involving extended prison terms and plea-bargains involving state’s evidence that leads to indictments of former presidents with the (D) associated to their names.

The way that I would approach this is to announce that the leaking of investigatory information was a conspiracy to destabilize the United States government and therefore a form of treason.  I would give anyone who wanted to avoid prosecution, the chance to come forward with the details in advance of an investigation.  Anyone who did not come forward and had information of the conspiracy would be liable for prosecution as a co-conspirator.  That would surely produce some actionable information and allow for the rounding up of the main actors.  From what I remember, treason still has the death penalty attached to it.  And atheist communists know of nothing less desirable than being dead.  So, it should be interesting to see where this sort of quail hunt goes.

But the first step is to provide a pardon to Jeff Sessions (and General Flynn) in advance and move forward with the hunt.  That should take all the wind out of the sails of the democrats and let them know that they are being hunted by the guy they tried to set up.  These democrats have had things their own way their whole lives and someone who doesn’t play by their rules will have a pretty easy time of mopping the floors with them.  After all, the element of surprise is an incredibly powerful thing to have on your side, especially against the complacent.

On a personal note, I think it would be extremely interesting to get state’s evidence from someone like an FBI insider.  There must be a list of House and Senate names involved that would empty their side of the aisle if the true story ever came out.