Baltimore Businesses Withhold City Taxes As Protest Against Dysfunction

Thirty seven businesses in the Fells Point tourist district are withholding their city taxes in protest of crime and abysmal city services like trash pickup and street repair.  They say that nothing else will get the city government’s attention.

The ZMan writes about his hometown and describes its third world dysfunction by calling it Lagos on the Chesapeake.  Baltimore is farther along in the process of third world status than New York but I look at it and Detroit as the templates for what to expect now that the protection of law enforcement has been removed.  If the law-abiding residents are now completely at the mercy of the black criminal class it won’t take long before there is a full flight of not only white people but also the non-white residents who want to live decent lives.

This should be an interesting summer.  If it’s even close to the violence that we saw in 2020 I expect a political explosion.

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1 month ago

The concept of a political subdivision that collects taxes but provides nothing of value in return is absurd. I’d think that, given a totally incompetent and ineffective municipal/county/whatever government, dissolve that government and revert governance to the next higher level until you get competency.

What is the purpose of a tax?

War Pig
War Pig
1 month ago
Reply to  TomD77

The purpose of a tax is to buy votes to reelect politicians and line their pockets and those of their $olvent $upporter$.

Look at all the road taxes we poor serfs pay and then look at the state of the roads.

If anything of use to the public comes about as the result of taxation, it is merely coincidental.

1 month ago
Reply to  War Pig

To a greater or lesser extent. I’m pretty sure that county politics aren’t totally corrupted here in NW Florida and the roads are in good repair.

War Pig
War Pig
1 month ago

You can expect swift and harsh actions by the city – against the 37 businesses. Never challenge a leftist government on tax or other governmental income unless you are willing to take up arms. What was one of the first things congress did back in the old days? Set up “revenue cutters” to check seaborne smuggling and avoiding import taxes. You can murder and racketeer the commoners all you like, but don’t cut off any portion of governmental income. THAT is a serious offense. Nothing petty like rape, murder, rioting and looting. If any of the business owners is jailed,… Read more »

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