Baltimore and Philadelphia – Real Life Clockwork Orange

Two recent headlines demonstrate unmistakably that some of our cities are solidly ensconced in third world lawlessness.  In Philadelphia a pack of seven feral children beat a 73-Year-Old Man to death with a traffic cone.  And in Baltimore a “squeegee-man” shot and killed one of his “customers.”

Reading either of these stories brings home what the reality is for residents of these two cities.  Philadelphia has a district attorney that will not prosecute even violent felons.  The chance that he will prosecute these minors for murder is slight even if they are ever found.  As for the squeegee killer, no one saw him and it doesn’t sound like law enforcement is even looking for him.  The tone of the article is more about finding good paying jobs for “squeegee workers” which leads me to wonder if there are now squeegee women.  You go girls!

These two stories coming on the heels of the Harlem bodega worker who was charged with second degree murder for stabbing a man who assaulted him in his store bring home the fact that Barack Obama was successful in using a race-based color revolution to destroy America’s cities.  He unleashed the Justice Department to strip away the police shield that protected law-abiding residents of these cities from the feral under-class that Democratic city governments breed with their dysfunctional schools and welfare programs.

And these three examples are just this week’s sample.  Any week you can find cases just as brutal and hopeless.  Murder has skyrocketed and the percentage of crimes solved has plummeted.  It’s obvious that the police don’t even bother to look for the criminals because the Soros-funded prosecutors won’t even indict them.

Eventually there may be such a backlash among minority residents that actual law and order city government may be elected.  Or maybe it won’t.  There is such a thing as a tipping point.  If a large enough percentage of normal people leave the city it can disintegrate to where there aren’t any capable people left to run it.  If the city becomes economically unviable then the rich will flee altogether.  At that point city services will deteriorate to the point where the working and middle class also flee.

What’s left then, is Detroit.  The city will be run by whatever local grifter can corral enough votes in the election by promising to hire his supporters into city government.  Of course, the city will sink into bankruptcy and the state will control the purse strings in the background.  Eventually trees will start growing in streets and whole blocks will disappear into small forests that sane people would never come near.

Up till recently Detroit was the cautionary tale.  Places like New York and Chicago had avoided the fate of Motown back in the nineties.  But now it seems like there will be further examples.  Philadelphia and Baltimore look like the standouts.  Each of them has sunken pretty deep into lawlessness and there don’t seem to be any mechanisms to lift themselves out by their bootstraps.  The police force, the voters and the district attorney in each city are already solidly locked into their part in this drama.  The voters haven’t shown any willingness to vote out lawless prosecutors and the police aren’t going to risk prison by arresting criminals especially if they’ll only be released anyway.

The only interesting aspect of this destruction of cities is for any relics of old America still trapped in these places.  Will Independence Hall with its Liberty Bell have to be disassembled brick by brick and moved to Harrisburg?  Will the Orioles have to be airlifted out after a double header by a special forces battalion using attack helicopters and miniguns?

There is a fight on for the future of America.  2022 and 2024 will tell us whether we can vote our way out of this mess.  Pessimism says no.  Fraud and the stupidity of suburban women threaten to allow the Democrats to stay in power.  Optimism says yes.  Empty store shelves and 9% inflation say Congress flips in 2022 and the White House in 2024.  I’m going to stick around and see.  Won’t take long.

Baltimore Businesses Withhold City Taxes As Protest Against Dysfunction

Thirty seven businesses in the Fells Point tourist district are withholding their city taxes in protest of crime and abysmal city services like trash pickup and street repair.  They say that nothing else will get the city government’s attention.

The ZMan writes about his hometown and describes its third world dysfunction by calling it Lagos on the Chesapeake.  Baltimore is farther along in the process of third world status than New York but I look at it and Detroit as the templates for what to expect now that the protection of law enforcement has been removed.  If the law-abiding residents are now completely at the mercy of the black criminal class it won’t take long before there is a full flight of not only white people but also the non-white residents who want to live decent lives.

This should be an interesting summer.  If it’s even close to the violence that we saw in 2020 I expect a political explosion.