14JUL2021 – City Journal – Why Cops Are Quitting by Charles Fain Lehman

Here’s an article where the writer interviewed policemen who had either just resigned or were preparing to.  He gets their read on why policing the blue cities is no longer worth the personal risk.

A newly retired Minneapolis officer said, “And the fundamental conclusion that I reached was that following Derek Chauvin, it no longer matters if what you were doing was legal, trained, the morally right thing to do, reasonable under the circumstances, the best effort of a reasonable human being in a marginal circumstance, which is basically what cops do. None of that matters. What matters is the outcome, and if you become the next spark in a viral firestorm.

Basically the officers know the mayors and the police commissioners don’t have their backs, “There’s not a single leader that steps up for the regular cop, the regular street cop,” a now-resigned Chicago officer said. “They have the power, they have the ability to get up there and say why this was justified, and then they can sit there and explain it if they want, but they don’t know how to, or they don’t want to, or they don’t care.

Reading the comments I found several readers who have my opinion.  Let the voters of Minneapolis and Portland and Chicago stay in their cities and defend themselves once the police are no longer there to protect them from the mob they’ve created.





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Edward Brault
3 months ago

They have made their bed. Let them lie on it!

3 months ago

I’m sorry, wasn’t this patently obvious to anyone with an IQ at or above room temperature? (Fahrenheit, not centigrade.) If you are following all of the rules, up to date on and living your training, obeying the law, giving your best effort but can still be “Wrong” because a politician changes their mind – would you keep that job? Would you risk your career, your freedom, your savings, your life, and the lives of your family for a bunch of wimpy politicians who will bend to the outrage of the week? I wouldn’t. Neither will these cops and no one… Read more »

War Pig
War Pig
3 months ago
Reply to  Chemist

Stores in LA and San Fran are already closing permanently or closing early due to massive shoplifting. Ever since the Cali Atty Gen said that theft under $900 is a misdemeanor and they will only be ticketed, not arrested, and then when they do not show their cases are usually dismissed, it has been a field day for shoplifters and smash and grab thieves, who are now organized into cartels. Police show up after the fact and take a report for insurance purposes. What will stop this is likely to be insurance companies refusing to insure stores in certain areas… Read more »