The Great RINO Hunt of 2022

Polls continue to stream in confirming just how toxic the Democrat brand is right now.  The latest one by Susquehanna Polling & Research has the generic Republican congressional candidate up 10 points over his hapless Democrat challenger.  So, it’s getting harder and harder to believe that the Republicans won’t be the recipients of a totally undeserved election gift.  They’re going to be given majorities in both Houses.

But I find none of that compelling.  What I’m fascinated by is knowing exactly how many RINO’s are going to be primaried out of office.  To my mind this is a much more important number and one that will determine whether the GOP will be useful or useless to us over the last two years of the Biden reign of stupid.  After all, if a bunch of traitors like Liz Cheney and Lisa Murkowski get kicked to the curb in November it will have a salutary effect on other RINO’s like Mitt Romney who were not up for re-election in 2022.  For a slug like Mitt losing his senate seat would be tantamount to disgrace.  So, if he sees his fellow mollusks cast out of their cushy sinecures this year he will scurry back to the middle where he will try to portray himself as a “severely conservative” culture warrior.  Who knows he might even start swearing and claiming that he’s not happy about the January 6th protestors being left to rot in prison for years.

Trump has a list of the ten Republican congressional representatives who voted to impeach him and seven senators who voted to convict.  Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is the only senator up for re-election in November but of course the terms for all ten representatives are also up then.  But already four of them have decided to retire.  The six remaining reps are all being vigorously pursued by primary challengers who probably have a very good chance of bumping them all off.  And Murkowski is also in a dog fight to survive her primary senate challenger.  I understand that Rep. David Valadao of California is a friend of minority leader Kevin McCarthy and will get as much support as he can hope for from that ally.  But I’m sure Valadao is sweating pretty hard about his chances.

There’s nothing scientific about how I’m looking at this RINO hunt.  But I think the results can be used as a good barometer of whether election results will track the will of the conservative voters.  First off, if Cheney isn’t booted out then there is something hopeless about the chances of getting good Republicans in Congress.  From what I’ve read her approval rating is in the neighborhood of 10% of the Republicans in Wyoming.  And even if a bunch of Democrats vote for her, she should lose in a landslide to the woman that Trump endorsed.

The Valadao race is in California and between the dominant nature of the Democrat party there and the likelihood of voting skullduggery I wouldn’t be surprised if he survived the primary.  And there are two other candidates from Washington state which is also highly progressive.  So at least three of the six have some doubts attached.  But Cheney and the other two races should be slam dunks.  And to my mind Murkowski should be toast too.

So, let’s just say that if any of those four dead ducks survive that will provide strong evidence that even where Republicans are in the majority that RINO’s aren’t going to disappear.  I’ll characterize this as a test to see just how stupid the Stupid Party really is.

Larry Correia Blogs That Since Musk Bought Twitter His Account’s Been Unthrottled

Larry Correia wrote a post on the unthrottling of conservative accounts on Twitter this week.

“So everybody knows about Elon buying Twitter, and we all know that Twitter has been a bunch of biased, censorious assholes.

What we did not know however was just how bad they really were. For years when conservatives/libertarians/non-progs complained, we got gas lit and told it was in our imagination. When our followers vanished, said they didn’t see our tweets, or our follower counts seemed to freeze and never grow, we were told that was just because we suck, and nobody wanted to listen to our evil right wing lies.”…

But now that Musk bought Twitter they unthrottled his account

“Then I started getting tweets from followers who are like, whoa, Larry is back on Twitter!

So I got curious and started asking about this, and then the posts started coming. Dozens of them. Oh yeah, I thought you weren’t on here! I thought you only posted like once a month! I never see you post. So on and so forth. It was remarkably consistent.

I knew I was throttled, but I had not realized just how bad it was. It was way harder than I thought.”

Well, it sounded so hopeful that I opened an account on Twitter.  I’m @orionscoldfire and I’ve posted one of my pictures and of course added my website address and the link to my photo account at Fine Art America (gotta make the donuts after all).


Free Speech or Not

Watching the various talking heads screech and howl about Musk’s purchase of Twitter has been immensely amusing.  The lack of self-awareness (or the absolute lack of honesty, whichever it really is) has been breathtaking.  All of the things they are accusing Elon Musk of planning to do are all things they have been doing to conservative Twitter users for years.  Projection.

But all of this is happening at the same time that psychopaths in the administration, the Europeans and lying hypocrites like Obama are calling for even more restrictions on free speech.  Their smokescreen around misinformation and disinformation is a pretext for ending free speech.  They want to completely control the narrative around government actions like the COVID lockdowns and the BLM riots.

The timing of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter may be quite inconvenient for the Democrats.  I’m guessing they were depending on staging some shenanigans around the election to try and steal some seats.  If Twitter can’t be completely controlled it might interfere with their illicit operations.  And with Rumble now as an alternative to YouTube it seems possible that millions of people could be reached with information on all the dirt that is coming out on Hunter Biden, the election fraud investigations, the COVID disaster and all the bad news for the economy.

We’re living in interesting times.  The outrageous abuses that have occurred in the last two years, the lockdowns, the riots, voter fraud, the breakdown of law and order and now the stagflation crisis have shocked the usually complacent population into realizing just how radical the Left has become.  But at the same time the Left now owns all the power centers in the United States, and indeed the whole western world.  Because of this it may no longer be possible to fix our system.

We will have to watch from now to election day to see if the voter outrage will provide a powerful rejection of Democrat rule.  And then if it does occur, we have to watch what the Republicans can do with their new power over Congress to shape the actions of Biden’s policies.

Perhaps Twitter could play a role in helping people survive the rest of the Biden presidency.  If Musk can figure out a way to protect the Right from the crazies that run Twitter, then it really will be that public square he’s always talking about.  And without the crazies putting their thumbs on the scale, who knows, it might even be a place where little fish like me could get heard.

We’ll hear more about all of this soon enough.  Some early signs to watch for will be if Musk reinstates all the thousands of conservative accounts that were cancelled during the COVID pandemic and during the election fraud dust ups.  The next thing to watch after that is how much flak he gets from the government agencies trying to prevent free speech.  The Europeans are erecting barriers to free speech.  Twitter might have to build a wall isolating them from “disinformation.”  If he doesn’t then the European standards will destroy Twitter as a free speech site.

Galaxy’s Edge – Dark Victory – A Science Fiction Book Review

I’ve got to hand it to Anspach and Cole.  The world building they are doing in the Galaxy’s Edge franchise doesn’t seem like it will ever slow down.  They’re at least fifteen books into this universe and I keep running into newer and weirder twists and turns in the history of their galaxy.  And they’re always throwing in new characters and cross-connecting old characters and advancing new plot lines.  These boys are on their game.

(Spoiler Alert – Skip down to last paragraph to avoid spoilers and read recommendation)

In this latest installment Aeson Ford (/Captain Keel/Wraith/Tyrus Rechs (imposter)) is working undercover for his old Legionnaire friend Chhun.  He gets mixed up with an investigation into Nether Ops interference into the chaotic political situation that has existed since the Legion put an end to the House of Reason.  Working with the Nether Ops agent “Honey” he infiltrates several bases of the nefarious spy agency leading up to the capture of vital intel.  Meanwhile Ford is also in search of information on his own forgotten origins in the Kill Team Ice that stretches back to the Savage Wars by means of cryosleep.

Meanwhile we discover that his crewmate Leenah was not killed when the Indelible VI was attacked by bounty hunters in the last book.  We learn how her ship was all but destroyed just as she made the jump to light speed.  The jump saved her life but left her stranded in the middle of nowhere with almost no air and no way to get help.  Through her mechanical ingenuity she rigs a signal and waits with time running out.  Meanwhile Ford’s other crewmate Garret is Lenah working with Nilo’s Black Leaf mercenaries and because he hasn’t given up on Leenah’s life, he locates her signal and convinces Nilo to go on a rescue mission.

When they get to the beacon Leenah and the ship is gone and Nilo figures out that Leenah has been captured by Gomarii slavers and they go on a mission to save her and take down the Gomarii.  During the rescue Nilo and Garret discover that the Gomarii vessel is actually a Savage hulk that contains information in its memory banks crucial to the upcoming resumption of the Savage threat to the galaxy.

Aeson Ford fabricates a plot to capture a rogue Naval Commander who has been doing the Nether Ops dirty work.  During the action Honey betrays him with her former colleagues in Nether Ops and she is killed along with the rest of the agents that Ford defeats.  When he returns to the Legion base, he learns that his old comrade Masters is in dire straits.  Instead of returning to Garret and Nilo he heads off with the legionnaires to save Masters.  But at the end of the book, we find that Nilo also has business on that same dangerous planet.

Dark Victory winds two plots together and both are done well.  The rescue of Leenah from the salvers is the more dynamic and satisfying of the subplots but taking Ford out of the action allows the secondary characters like Leenah and Garret to get their moments in the sun.  Plus, it allows Nilo and Garret to advance the information on the Savage Wars back story which will tie in with other characters that don’t figure in this book but will return soon.  Let’s face it, once you’re into the series this deep all you want to know is whether it’s still a good read.  It is.

Twitter, Musk Redux

Well, it appears that Elon Musk will get to buy Twitter and bring it private.  I hope it works out for him.  It seems like a crazy risk of a ton of money.  But what the hell do I know about any of this stuff?  There are two extra commas involved in his net worth versus mine.  So, kudos, you magnificent nerd and may you turn Twitter into some kind of futuristic electronic town hall where even Deplorables feel like they have a corner to congregate in.

But I fully expect that the Justice Department and the FDA will be plaguing Musk over every tweet that calls Fauci or Garland fascists.  But first things first.  Musk should immediately invite POTUS 45 back to his natural environment.  Trump needs to be tweeting 24/7/365 about all the things that were unfair and wrong.

The only problem is Trump is trying to tout his own social media site, Truth.  How is he supposed to replace Twitter if he goes back on it?  And how about the Gab guys?  What happens to them if Twitter becomes a viable option for social media for the Right.  It’s all very confusing.

And what about me?  Does this mean I have to start tweeting and hawking my products; my photos and my books on Musk’s free speech paradise?  Well, I don’t know.  I’ve never really figured out how to have my stuff discovered on mainstream platforms.  I’ve always done better in a rightwing ghetto.  It’s so much easier to be a slightly less small fish in a small pond.

I wonder how long it will take to find out if Musk can make this thing work.  Will he have to fire thousands of the blue-haired wine aunts and cat ladies that work for him in order to stop them from banning anyone who says that old bald fat men in wigs and dresses aren’t women?  Will the government shut him down if he allows scientists and medical doctors to speak the truth about what really happened during the COVID fraud?

Honestly, I have serious doubts whether he won’t regret throwing away that obscene amount of money for a company that doesn’t produce any tangible product and caters to a generation of crazy people who believe in things that even a village idiot thinks are too way out there.  I mean what happens if this is a scam and now Musk discovers after a few months that he just pays useless people to run a mad house that no one needs or even likes?  I mean, wouldn’t that make him the stupidest rich guy in the world?  I guess he’d still have the satisfaction of firing Jack Dorsey and fumigating his old office to cleanse it of the bedbugs that must infest that ratty looking beard of his.  And maybe if he fires 95% of the staff there, he could get the thing working efficiently.

So, as you can probably tell I’m conflicted about Musk’s Twitter play.  But in the back of my mind, I’m a little bit hopeful that a guy as smart as Musk is supposed to be, sees the diamond in the rough that Twitter represents and has a plan to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

But somehow, I think he would have been better off buying a 49% stake in Orion’s Cold Fire.  I would have settled for one billion.