Illinois State’s Attorney Declares Gang Wars Legal

A gangland shootout that left one participant dead and was filmed on police video has resulted in no criminal charges.  The five participants who survived were arrested after a standoff and seventy five shell casings were recovered but Illinois State’s Attorney Kim Foxx refused to bring charges against the gang members because the shootout was between “mutual combatants.”

I am in awe of this decision.  She doesn’t want to take a chance of blaming whichever was the “innocent” gang.  Well, they do say it’s better that a hundred guilty men go free rather than one innocent man go to jail.

To my mind the correct strategy is to sell all the gangs better weapons.  If they had rocket propelled grenade launchers they could do this thing right.  No more survivors.  Luckily we will soon have an influx of Afghans into Chicago and they’ll set these gangbangers straight on how you fight a war.


As de Blasio Takes Victory Lap as World’s Worst Mayor Lightfoot Says Hold My Beer

John Kass, former reporter for Chicago Tribune writes a scathing indictment of the dishonesty, incompetency and suicidal nature of the Lori Lightfoot administration in Chicago.

The latest atrocity is a young Latino couple returning from the Puerto Rican Day parade are dragged from their car, assaulted, then shot execution style for the video camera while the perpetrators run or amble away.

Lightfoot goes on camera to say how unacceptable all this is and how the killers will not be given immediate release from jail pending trial.  Boy, that’ll show’em.  Of course, that’s assuming they are ever caught.  After all the police really aren’t arresting people anymore.  Why should they?  If they do, they might be prosecuted if they have to shoot it out with the criminals.

Kass provides a long list of victims that stretch back over the last year of Lightfoot’s tenure as useless mayor of a dying city.  But she’s working hard to rename the iconic Lake Shore Drive after the city’s first non-native settler, the trader Jean Baptiste Point DuSable.  That’s right she is brokering a deal to have it called Jean Baptiste Point DuSable Lake Shore Drive.  Now that’s what I call statesmanship.

I am curious to see which major city cracks first.  New York and Chicago are in the running for sure.  I’ll define crack as when the National Guard are given shoot to kill orders.  I could go out on a limb and say this summer will do the trick but who knows?  These city folks will put up with a lot.  I’m sure that murder, rape and arson are a small price to pay to put an end to white supremacy.  Diversity, equity and inclusion is tricky business.  Burning down America’s cities doesn’t seem to be too high a price to pay.  Minneapolis, it’s your turn.