Another Update on the Hilarious NYC Migrant Bus Service

As Texas Governor Abbott continues to bus illegal aliens to NYC and DC the squealing from NYC government officials gets louder.

My favorite quotes:

“He’s weaponizing asylum seekers,” Manuel Castro, commissioner of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs said. “It is shameful, and it is our moral obligation to condemn the use of human beings for political purposes.”

New York officials said this week that the city is using 14 hotels to provide housing to the new arrivals.

Castro was not the only official in Mayor Eric Adams’s administration to blast Abbott. City Comptroller Brad Lander said Abbott’s action are “inhumane” and “disgusting.”

As the saying goes, “You know you’re over the target when you start taking flack.  I only wish he’d start sending some to Portland, Oregon and San Francisco.

This is the gift that keeps on giving.  It’s not only useful and smart, it’s hilarious.  Hopefully a goodly percentage of the refugees are violent offenders and weirdos of various descriptions.  New York needs the most exciting new residents to keep things interesting.

Bravo, governor Abbott, bravo.

Sanctuary Cities Full Up

It turns out NYC and Washington DC would like a few less illegal aliens looking for sanctuary in their sanctuary cities.  When Joe Biden unleashed the endless caravan of the unwashed on the US borders some of the governors (Abbott in Texas and DeSantis in Florida) decided it would be poetic justice to pay for bus tickets to send these “undocumented Americans” to those two blue cities.

Well, lo and behold, Mayor Adams of New York and Mayor Bowser of DC have discovered that illegal aliens cost money to keep alive.  In fact, Bowser is upset that the illegals were “tricked” into getting on the buses.  Now she wants Creepy Uncle Joe to step in and pick up the tab.

Hey, good for DeSantis and Abbott.  While they’re at it they might as well send them to the other sanctuary cities too.  San Francisco can always use more homeless people crapping on its streets.  And don’t forget Portland, Oregon.  It’s obvious that Antifa needs help finishing off Portland.  Ten or twenty thousand starving immigrants would really seal the deal.

So, once again, Biden has a policy that’s so bloody awful that even his own partisans are getting fragged by the fallout.  I like this current strategy so much I’m looking for ways to expand its impact.  To really hammer the point home the red states should craft policies that encourage illegal aliens and even just people on welfare to move to the blue cities.  The free bus ticket is good but really there should be a whole agency of government in these states to identify and expedite the migration of these people to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Providence, Newark, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Baltimore and the rest of the sanctuary cities.  They should hire lawyers to help these people get housing, health care, food stamps and all the other benefits you would expect from a first-rate sanctuary city.  To do less would just reek of insincerity for a real sanctuary.

But it’s not enough.  I think these sanctuary cities should also become sanctuaries for those getting out of prison in the red states.  After all, with the Soros prosecutors now eliminating bail requirements and nullifying arrests for anything less serious than serial murder these recent alumni of red state prisons deserve to relocate to an area where they can ply their professions (drug kingpin, gang banger, thug) without the annoying interference of law enforcement and other components of the criminal justice system.

Looks like a win/win to me.  The red states get to off load unproductive and anti-social residents and the blue cities can virtue signal how much they care about the wretched refuse and how they can run big cities without police or sanity.  Seems about right.

Maybe all of this is a taste of things to come.  With the federal government refusing to provide services like border protection the states will have to become creative at protecting themselves from the predatory actions by Washington.  I could see states begin following the letter of the law on enforcing employment bans against illegal aliens.  Punishing employers who break these laws with extremely harsh penalties would fix the problem very quickly.  Pretty soon all the illegals would be where they belong, in the sanctuary states and the rest of the country could get back to normal life.