Identity Politics and Civic Nationalism – Part 2

Identity Politics and Civic Nationalism – Part 1

At the end of the first part of this post I said I’d look a little more closely at the specifics of the Dissident Right’s logic and compare it to my own way of looking at where we are.

First off let’s acknowledge something that we cannot afford to forget.  The Dissident Right (or Alt-Right if you prefer) was the only group who both knew what was going wrong in this country and weren’t afraid to say it out loud.  They recognized that the Left was in control of all the levers of power and the Establishment Republicans had no intention of changing the results of the Left’s program.

The Dissident Right explained exactly how the schools and colleges proselytized the children and how the Media, the Democrats, Big Business and the Courts twisted every part of society until nothing remains of the normal world of just a few years ago.  And as proven, the Establishment Republicans use the anger this generates to get themselves re-elected.  But once in office they can be depended on to never actually reverse any of this destruction and instead just talk about how dead set they are against whatever the next outrage is.  And when that outrage becomes law they just move along to the next.

And the Dissident Right identified the fact that both Parties and Big Business were determined to use immigration, both legal and illegal, as a means to swamp out the votes of the citizens of the United States as a way to eliminate all resistance to their agenda.  It was plain during the 2016 election that none of the Republicans, no matter how “conservative” he was, would say a word against illegal immigration for fear of being called a racist.

And the Dissident Right was the only group that supported Trump.  Everyone else either said he was a joke or abhorred him for being a vulgarian.

So, as I said above, ignoring the Dissident Right means ignoring the only group that knew how we were losing the Country to the Left and how we could stop them from doing it.  Clearly what they say has to be carefully considered.

But you might say, why not just jump on their band wagon?  For me, that is a disturbing choice.  The Dissident Right is comprised of people who believe that differences in race and even ethnicity prevent a heterogeneous state like the present United States from living in harmony.  They believe that the future will be a fractious hodge-podge of identity groups that, led by the trouble-makers on the Left, will spend all their time pursuing imaginary grievances against the European Americans that they’ve been told are holding them back from being happy.

The Dissident Right points to affirmative action discrimination and the destruction of the family and the LGBTQ lawfare warriors and de-platforming of people on the right and say we are already there and that once we are a majority-minority-nation, things will only get much worse.

Accepting this hypothesis as true is not something I would do unless forced by irrefutable evidence.  But having it espoused by people who have been right about things that the majority were wrong about means I have to find reasonable arguments for why the Dissident Right is mistaken in their conclusions.

Instead of going through a bunch of cases and subsets of categories I’ll sum up the problem we’re experiencing by saying that in the 1960s when the economy was very strong the leaders of the Democrat party saw that they no longer had an unbeatable coalition of disaffected voters like they had in the 1930s and 1940s.  They decided to follow the Marxist playbook and weaken their enemies by sowing as much division as they could.  They espoused abortion as a way to destroy the family and they sponsored all the grievance movements to further fracture the country.  They infested the schools and steadily eroded intellectual life until even the sciences were politicized and distracted from their primary functions.  And they enshrined massive immigration both legal and illegal.

But even when all this was going on it was still possible for a conservative leader like Ronald Reagan to rally the Right.  And when that happened, the country was able to see itself as one people.  It was only when we were led by people who believed in the propaganda of the Left that everything has fallen completely apart.  Basically, since 1988 (thirty years) we have been living under the rule of the Left and their Globalist Echoes on the Fake Right.  Bush Senior, Clinton, Bush Junior and Obama allowed every outrage of the Left to happen to us with either enthusiasm or feigned reluctance.

This track record is why I think that the Dissident Right may be mistaken in the irreversibility of the changes we are experiencing.  In just two years President Trump has installed a whole generation of federal judges who will begin the process of reversing the damage done by the rogue judiciary.  Without Justice Kennedy it’s possible that the SCOTUS will reverse the decisions that found a constitutional mandate for abortion and gay marriage and affirmative action.  Those types of actions would change the world we live in.  Once those injustices are addressed people would see the world much differently.

The final thing that I need to address is the Race Realism that the Dissident Right says will prevent the United States from existing in harmony.  They claim that both differences in behavior and feelings of separateness will forever keep different races and ethnicities from living peacefully together.  My experience with diversity is a product of growing up and living in New York City in the 1960s, 70s and 80s.  Believe me when I tell you that things were very far from harmonious in the “glorious mosaic” that existed in that era.  There was a separate neighborhood every ten to fifteen blocks and mostly the ethnic and racial groups didn’t happily mingle or even interact.  There were riots and even several large areas of the city burned down.  Crime was rampant and the subways were very dangerous as were the parks and other empty areas.  Of course, the Democrats were always stoking the unrest with grievance propaganda.  But then I remember what happened when the city finally had had enough and elected a law and order Republican, Rudy Giuliani.  It got better!  And indeed, the people of all races and ethnicities felt more united and less angry when a sensible government started enforcing the law and holding everyone accountable.

I won’t claim that there aren’t differences between people.  In fact, I’ll go one step further and says we’re all different from each other.  Every family has a smarter kid and a tougher kid and a kid who doesn’t follow the rules.  But if one kid does better in school you can’t hold him back to make the less smart kid feel better about himself.  And as every parent knows, the best way to keep the peace in a family is to come up with reasonable rules and make sure that everyone follows them.  It’s only when you see someone else getting away with something, you’re not allowed to that trouble begins.

So, this is getting overly long.  My way of thinking about this is that if we can elect non-leftists who want to restore normalcy to the country, we can do it.  Maybe it won’t happen.  But just saying it’s impossible doesn’t appeal to me, at least not yet.  President Trump has given me hope that it can be done.  Let’s see if he can do it before we throw in the towel.

4 thoughts on “Identity Politics and Civic Nationalism – Part 2

  • April 29, 2019 at 4:35 am

    Does anyone with an IQ above single digits really think Donald Trump is a guy who has the metal needed to help reverse ANY of the destructive agendas of the left? Take this story for Exhibit A for the case that he isn’t.

    More Details Emerge on Boy Scouts’ ‘Perversion Files; Thousands of Boy Scout Leaders Face Child Sex Allegations
    Posted on April 27, 2019 by Hal Apeeno

    Two points to make about this story. First point – Rex Tillerson, who was Trump’s first Secretary of State – played a KEY ROLE in pressuring the Boy Scouts of America to drop their ban on allowing homosexuals to be Troop Leaders and mentors for the young boys in their chapters. Second Point: When the BSA was under pressure to repeal their rule that was put in place for a very legitimate reason, i.e., to protect young boys from predatory adult homosexuals – Christian leaders and conservative groups protested, and predicted that, if the
    BSA was forced to go along with this liberal agenda – the BSA would soon be flooded with predatory adult homosexuals who would see opportunities to become Troop Leaders and be able to take dozens of young boys out in the woods on boy scout camping trips and then proceed to do what predatory homosexuals are famous for, i.e, exploiting their positions by sexually abusing the kids in their charge. Well, guess what? Those predictions are now the reality. This fact about Tillerson was well known, widely circulated around the online ‘Dissident Right’ oriented news websites, but it did not cause Trump to pull his nomination and it did not impede his being confirmed by the Congress. Should both Trump and Tillerson now be held responsible for the role they played that lead to these horrific sexual abuse incidents? Was this not 100 percent predictable, and therefore easily preventable? I think so.

    The same principle applies to public school teachers. It used to be the case that teachers who were homosexuals and/or lesbians and out of the closet, so to speak, were not allowed to be hired as teachers because the risk was understood that adults who hold positions of authority over young children might be tempted to recruit impressionable kids for sexual abuse purposes. I haven’t seen any hard statistics on how often this has happened since homosexuals were allowed to become teachers, but I have seen a ton of statistics that show
    that public school curriculum materials are now being used to push homosexuality, lesbianism and trans-sexual propaganda to millions of young and impressionable kids so as to brainwash them into believing such abnormal sexual deviancy is normal and A-Ok and, hey, by the way, maybe they should consider giving it a shot themselves?

    Oh, and by the way. The pre-meditated, malicious, diabolically evil racial demographic changes that been imposed upon America – which were done without the votes or consent of the White European majority, changes which the White European majority do not like or support and which they have repeatedly said they strenuously oppose – due to these destructive and divisive demographic changes, a man like Ronald Reagan would have zero chance of winning the Presidency by any sort of landslide margins. Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million, although there is significant evidence that massive numbers of illegal aliens who are not even citizens were allowed and even encouraged by the left to vote in the 2016 election.

    Look at what has happened to California, due to the massive influx of non-whites and due to the mass exodus of millions of former white Californians. No Republican will ever again be able to win any significant election in that entire state. The virulently anti-White, Cultural Marxist left has achieved a permanent, peacefully unbreakable, dictatorial, totalitarian, one party dictatorship in California – and that is what these evil leftists plan to impose upon the entire nation. And, any Republican who supports open borders, opposes the wall, who supports any form of amnesty, or who refuses to support the enforcement of our current immigration laws and the enactment of new laws that permanently shut down any and all immigration from the third world – is fully on board with the Cultural Marxist plan to resurrect the former USSR right here in North America.

    As for the left, they have clearly decided to double down on their anti-White hatred. White racial cowardice, as reflected by spineless White politicians who grovel, who continually cuck and soil their underwear every time some minority flashes the race card in their faces – and accuses them of being a ‘racist’ or a ‘white supremacist’ or whatever other derogatory buzz word the Cultural Marxist enemies of White European humanity decide to pull from their playbook – these displays of racial cowardice by Whites have taught non-whites that they have found the fatal weakness in the White man. And, they are emboldened and energized by it. They see whites as their enemy, instead of seeing them as their fellow countrymen. And, this enemy stands in the way of this rising coalition of the colored ascendant taking this nation away from the White Europeans who’s ancestors created it.

    Oh, one last point. One could not possibly choose an opponent who is as easily defeated than one who is too gutless, too spineless, too racially emasculated and cowardly that they are too terrified to fight back in a battle that is clearly a battle for racial and cultural dominance. And, make no mistake – that is precisely what is at stake here in America and, for that matter, around the entire White Western world. Should the indigenous White Europeans who built these Western nations exert their determination to remain in control of their nations – or should they roll over, and submit to having non-Europeans from every failed, backwater third world hell hole on Earth flood into their nations, assume majority status and then take their nations away from them?

    • April 29, 2019 at 7:12 am

      If Trump isn’t the answer, what is?

      • April 29, 2019 at 8:19 am

        I wish I had an answer, but surveying the political landscape – I see not a single White man who shows the kind of hard-nosed determination to roll back the left’s destructive agenda that is already in place.

        The author of this article is 100 percent correct, when he points out that the Republican establishment has no intention of reversing even the most destructive agendas of the left. They might whine and moan about them a little, but that is nothing more than a stage show – theatrics, to help them snooker their gullible voters. Within a year or less, those same Republicans will be touting how passionately they, too, support the very thing that they were pretending to criticize and oppose a year before.

    • April 29, 2019 at 7:29 am


      Most (but not ALL) of the BSA perps were in action LONG before that idiot Tillerson–and the banker and CPA co-conspirators–screwed the BSA. So that has nothing at all to do with the main post.

      White Europeans? You mean Americans of European descent, maybe? Voted for EEO policies, but did NOT vote for the Marxist interpretation thereof. Americans of European descent actually believe that all men are created equal. Your mileage may vary.

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