30JUN2021 – Photography – Focus Stack – Brazilian Jasmine Flower

I dragged this potted plant inside from its sommer home on Camera Girl’s kitchen porch where it gets the sun it craves.

Getting both the leaves and the bottom of the trumpet in focus is usually a very difficult proposition.  So this approach is a good workaround for that kind of shot.  Once again, the post processing in the Affinity Photo software is not up to the standards I expect with Capture One.  But it’s a start.

28JUN2021 – Photography – Focus Stack – Crown of Thorns

Here’s another focus stack.  Since this plant has plenty of depth this is a more interesting study.  The range of focus extends from the screen behind the plant all the way forward to the closest branches.  By the way, setting up that sheet was more of an obstacle than everything else I had to do for this shot.  It’s one of Camera Girl’s old bedsheets and I had to rig a couple of heavy chairs onto the table behind the plant and move stuff around.  It tells me I guess I should get a screen for this kind of thing.

In the second shot you can begin to see the limitations of the Affinity software I used for post processing.  I can begin to see some brightness problems showing up in the spines.  Thanks to Camera Girl for the loan of her Crown of Thorns houseplant and bedsheet.

27JUN2021 – Photography – Focus Stack – Clematis Flower

Okay, enough bugs for a while.  let’s start with this clematis flower.  I just stuck it on a flat background so the depth of field is limited. But still an interesting experiment.


One limitation that I have noticed is that the Affinity Photo software that does the focus stacking is not as capable as the post processing software (Capture One) that I typically use for all my other photos.  So cleaning up the results of the photo stack isn’t as satisfactory.

26JUN2021 – Photography – Focus Stack – Eyed Click Beetle

Continuing with my dead insect theme here is a large Eyed Click Beetle – Alaus oculatus who has joined my museum of dead bugs.  No anthropomorphizing this insect with a name like Bob.  I’ll call him Clicky because he used to click before he became dead.  Camera Girl felt sad because he was going to meet his maker.  But then I told her he was eating her vegetables.  She said everybody’s got to eat but I think it put things in perspective.