Ferraris, Dessert and Women Irked by Trump

I was out of pocket today.  AWOL, off the reservation, footloose and fancy free.  I was communing, consorting and other wise hobnobbing with my fellow wizards.  We went to this car show in a very ritzy town.  The cars were parked up and down two sides of the street in this town.  Hundreds of them.  It had a lot of extremely expensive cars.  Ferraris, Jaguars, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Bentleys and even less familiar luxury cars.  There were also some antique cars from the 30’s like Packards and some very cool old Fords.  And some high-performance cars from the 60’s; Stingrays and such.  I walked for hours and took a million pictures.

Then we got back to our host’s home and his gracious wife feasted us on an Italian meal.  It was one delicacy after another ending off with some delicious pastries.  And in between we talked politics.  There were two camps of thought.  One group said that DeSantis should be president.  The other said we need Trump.  I’m a big fan of DeSantis’s but I was in the second camp.  One of the attendants mirrored my thinking.  He said we need Trump because he motivates the Deplorables.  And he knows how to avoid being played by the Left.  He also pummels the Establishment Republicans when they get in the way.

The DeSantis camp basically are afraid that Trump will lose by scaring off moderates.  I clarified by saying they’re afraid he’ll scare off women.  I contended that Trump irks women.  And one of the wives who was present confirmed this assertion.  She said, “That’s right, he irks me and I think he irks a lot of women.”

And that’s a basic truth about Donald Trump.  He irks women.  He irks some other people too but the fact that he irks women is diagnostic.  Trump irks women because he says rude things, mean things, cruel things.  But many of the cruel things he says are true.  As a rule, women are more social than men.  They pay more attention to the impact on other people’s emotions of the things they say.  Women are more polite, more diplomatic.  They are the opposite of Donald Trump.  Trump says things to get a reaction.  Insulting his enemies and even his “allies” that aren’t aligned with his goals is a minute-to-minute calculation.  He is always saying “mean things” on Twitter.

But we need that.  Badly.  I tried to make the point that we need Trump to win in 2024.  We also need DeSantis to be his Vice President, almost his Co-President.  And I think Trump actually needs DeSantis more than DeSantis needs him.  We need someone who can drain the swamp.  Donald Trump tried in 2017 – 2021 and completely failed.  Maybe Pence was part of the reason for that failure.  Maybe this time DeSantis can be the surgeon Trump needs to lobotomize the Deep State.

At least that’s my read on what is needed.  Trump knows the policies he wants but he needs someone who can translate that agenda into an assault on the insurrectionist agencies of the Executive Branch in order to make those policies happen.

Was I able to change any minds?  I don’t know but I made my case and I could see some of the reasons why Trump has so many detractors on the Right.  Americans, and American women especially are polite, friendly people.  They don’t want to be attacked, especially not by friends.  But what it is time to do is to point out to these people that sometimes the truth is cruel and hurts some people.  And that the truth is its own defense.  Ignoring or denying the truth because it is ugly, hurtful or cruel isn’t going to make it go away.

The Democrats won’t be able to ignore or deny the truth of what they have done to this country.  And just because it is Donald Trump who will be pointing these things out in his own inimitable and caustic way won’t allow them to ignore what is being said.  It’s just too ugly for politeness to bandage over.

In 2024 Trump will be the bitter medicine for those who voted for Biden in 2020.  I don’t know if there’s any sugar that can make it easier to swallow.  And I don’t care.


Back in the Bronze and Iron Ages an army won a battle based on the strategy and tactics of its general and the training and discipline of the troops.  But the wild card that could turn victory into a rout was morale.  Sometimes something ridiculous like a peal of thunder issuing from the wrong quadrant of the sky or a priest finding the wrong color entrails in a sacrifice would be enough to spook an entire army and snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

But this is the Information Age.  We’re too smart to be cowed by superstition or fooled by clumsy lies.  Yeah, right.

Nowadays morale is the business of the media.  They tell us who will win elections and who is on the right side of history and what is beyond the pale.  And morale can be the difference between someone going to vote or staying home.  So, morale is a real factor in human affairs but one that is difficult for the man on the street to measure or even discuss meaningfully.

Luckily, I’m not the man on the street.  I’m a pundit wannabe who has to package a bunch of zeroes and ones onto an electronic page to try and entertain my long-suffering readers.  So, I can talk till the cows come home and might even bump into the truth if I’m not careful.

Here are two questions:

  • What is it worth to the Right to have someone like Trump tell the world that the Emperor has no clothes?
  • What is the result when the Deep State and the Media fire point blank at Donald Trump for eighteen months without a single scratch and all he has to do is make a disparaging noise and say fake news?

The answers are:

  1. It’s worth everything.
  2. The result is that the Media is a spent force.

I’ll explain.  It’s been thirty years since Ronald Reagan left office.  That’s how long it’s been since a Republican won a fight with the Press.  Bush Senior, Bob Dole, W, McCain, Romney, JEB!, you name them.  They’ve all been nothing but cannon fodder.  They can’t fight and they won’t fight.  Having a fighter in the White House is worth more than having seventy seats in the Senate and three hundred seats in the House.  It can’t be overstated.  Every day we can hear and see the results of his run-ins with reporters and the startling statements he makes about politicians, business leaders and foreign leaders.  And every day he blows up some other sacred cow or boondoggle.  And the cumulative effect of this is all the Sacred Cows have been discredited.  The term fake news isn’t just a zinger.  It’s become the default opinion about anything the Media says.  Used Car Salesmen are considered more trustworthy.  As I said above, the value of this cannot be overstated.

And so, the Media is a toothless tiger.  They’ve become the subject of scorn and abuse.  And the multiple media victims of the #metoo campaign and the recent case of a reporter having an affair with a federal employee to obtain classified documents only reinforces the impression that a career in journalism is only one level above crack whore.

So, for the Right Wing, all of this is like a pardon from the Governor to a Death Row prisoner.  Even up to six months ago when the Press would breathlessly report the latest Stormy Daniels tidbit or Mueller leak, Republicans would run around in circles shouting that the sky was falling.  I think that is finally over.  Even the most gutless Republican has finally learned to ignore all of this junk, once and for all.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  It doesn’t even consider the morale boosts that come from a President who can with the stroke of a pen wipe out Coal and CO2 legislation in the EPA or pardon a rancher being harassed and imprisoned by activist judges.  And with Trump in the White House, even formerly unreliable Supreme Court judges suddenly hand down a string of right wing decisions.  And the President fills the federal courts with judges who won’t dismantle the culture in order to satisfy bizarre social justice whims.  And with his latest Supreme Court recommendation, he more than credibly fulfills the long hoped for but always frustrated dream of a reliably conservative Supreme Court willing to reverse the transparently unconstitutional decisions of the past on affirmative action, aberrant sexual behavior and first and second amendment violations.

And so, to rap this thing up, I am saying that in addition to all the things President Trump is doing to improve the country, one of the biggest benefits he provides is the boost to morale.  And this morale boost is just the thing that may get you through the tough battle when everything else is almost even.  If we ever get to the point where things are riding on the razor’s edge, high morale may be the thing that carries us over the finish line first.  Remember this the next time the naysayers say nay and the bell tollers toll doom.  It’s fake news all the way down.  Keep the faith baby.

Letting President Trump Do His Job

Some of my friends are panicking about Trump and the bump stock executive order. They feel betrayed and think the “end in near.”  I told them to calm down, take a deep breath and look away from the news for a couple of days.  Here is my logic.  School shootings panic women.  Women turn on a dime against gun rights.  The midterms are coming around.  So that accounts for President Trump demonizing bump stocks.  He needs something to say he’s “doing something.”  He’s placating the idiots.  Do I like this? No.  Am I wringing my hands and banging my head against the wall and denouncing the President?  No.  I trust that he will cut the best deal we can get.  He’s the right man for the job.  I wouldn’t want any of the usual suspects getting involved (McCain, Rubio, Romney).  I don’t even prefer that a Second Amendment hard-liner take the lead.  Trump’s the man for the job.  Hopefully he can get the damage control done as quickly as possible and move onto his agenda.


After a year in office my motto is “Let Trump be Trump.” He’s got better skills and instincts than anyone else.  How would we do better than to let him do his thing.  I feel my best action is to spread the gospel.  I try to calm the nervous.  And believe me I understand.  We’ve been betrayed by the weak and the wobbly and the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  It takes courage to trust.  But I think I’ve seen enough from this man to give him some space.  As Ann Coulter said “In Trump We Trust.”  It’s remarkable to see how few of our politicians know anything about human nature.  Politics in a democracy is a combination of salesmanship and coalition building.  Sounds like the place for a deal maker.


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