The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 3 Episode 20 – Showdown with Rance McGrew

Rance McGrew is the star of a cowboy show on TV.  He makes the rest of the crew and cast miserable with his pettiness and his overbearing and selfish behavior.  During one particular scene of the production, the actor playing Jesse James is supposed to attempt to shoot McGrew in the back.  The actor objects saying that the real Jesse James would never have stooped to a cowardly act like shooting a man in the back.  McGrew flies into a rage and belittles Jesse James compared to himself.

Suddenly the saloon that McGrew is standing in becomes a real Old Western saloon and McGrew shouts out that the whiskey he was drinking really is whiskey instead of ginger ale.   A man runs into the saloon and tells McGrew that Jesse James is coming into town.  Rance thinks that it’s the scene they’ve been practicing.  But when Jesse James shows up, he is a large powerful and intimidating man and he isn’t acting.  He tells Rance that in the afterlife the outlaws that McGrew is regularly running down and representing as cowards are very unhappy with him and have sent Jesse James to teach him a lesson.

Now Jesse drags McGrew out onto the street and tells him they are going to have a shoot out.  Rance hides but eventually he is cornered and when Jesse outdraws him McGrew begs the outlaw to spare him.  Jesse says he’ll do it on the condition that Rance will change his ways and respect the honor of the Old West legends he’s been besmirching.  When he agrees, he suddenly finds himself back on the television production set and preparing for the Jesse James scene.  But just before it’s shot an extra comes in and tells Rance that his agent is outside and needs to talk to him.  Of course, it’s Jesse James dressed as a Hollywood agent.  He tells Rance that instead of shooting Jesse, the outlaw will escape by throwing Rance through the saloon window and instead of a stunt double it will be McGrew himself.  And reluctantly Rance accepts the inevitable and comes flying through the window.  And Jesse and Rance go driving off in his Cadillac convertible into a sunset of historical western accuracy.  We’re left assuming this is the beginning of a beautiful but painful friendship for Rance.

Well, not too bad.  B-

Tyler Over at the Portly Politico Has Added His Two Cents on Dissident Right and the Civic Nationalists

Tyler has a lot of good things to say about the topics we’ve both been seeing on the political stage.  Plus he says some good things about me, so how can I resist.


The State of the Right, Part II: Dissident Right and Civic Nationalists

26APR2019 – Quote of the Day

If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may be even a worse fate, you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

Winston Churchill

Identity Politics and Civic Nationalism – Part 1

One of the most troubling aspects of the America we now live in is the racial animosity exhibited almost universally across the whole spectrum of political ideologies.  Of course, the Marxists and their descendants, the Progressives, have perfected it into a weapon that they use to inflame hatred against Americans of European Descent or as we used to call them Americans.  But the fallout of this multi-generational strategy is that their opponents, especially on the very farthest edges of the Right Wing are learning to use this same tactic in reverse.  A whole generation of Alt-Right and Dissident Right ideologues are focusing on racial identity politics and the tactics of racial polarization to the exclusion of almost anything else.  In fact, this idea that racial identity will trump all other ways of uniting and dividing people has actually made headway among formerly “color-blind” conservatives.  My read on this is that rather than any effective proselytizing by the Dissident Right, the real catalyst for this transformation was the racial animus and partisanship demonstrated by the Obama Administration during the Black Lives Matter and other teachable moments that our “Dear Leader” talked down to us about.

In that sense I somewhat understand the depth of the hatred that has developed along the racial divide.  The behavior by the Justice Department in fueling these fake police incidents was outrageous and did enormous harm by throwing fuel on the already hot flashpoints that exist in the crime ridden ghettos where the police are just about all that stands between poor people and the law of the jungle.

But what it has turned into on the Dissident Right is a conviction that civic life and law and order cannot transcend differences between people of different races and ethnicities.  The more thoughtful voices in that community do not contend that we are headed for some kind of civil war or balkanization of the United States.  They talk more about individual states ignoring laws that they do not agree with and going their own way on these things.  In fact, this is not that different from what California and some other places have already done on immigration law with their so-called sanctuary cities.

What this all amounts to is the Dissident Right declaring that the Progressives have outmaneuvered the Right by increasing legal and illegal immigration to the point that they will have a permanent dominance over electoral power and will use it to create a permanent grievance machine to disenfranchise Americans of European Descent by punitive means such as affirmative action and other discriminatory policies.

Are they right?

I prefer to think that they’re not.  My read on this is that the situation has been exacerbated by Republican “leaders” who actually seem to buy into the fairness of minority identity politics out of some kind of ancestral guilt or because they see electoral advantage in joining the progressives.  The proof of this can be seen in the success of a civic nationalist like Trump who isn’t guilted into kowtowing to illegal immigration out of fear of being called a racist.  Once you disarm the Progressives of that weapon you find out that the majority of Americans, even in Blue States, want immigration laws to be obeyed.

I contend if the Right forcefully advocates for full enforcement of immigration laws and the elimination of reverse discrimination policies by the government and other entities, it will go a long way toward lowering tensions between the various groups living in the United States and will allow people to start thinking of each other as neighbors and not potential enemies.

Am I right?  I can’t claim I’m sure.  I think the next few years will be indicative of whether the Dissident Right is correct or whether there’s still time to fix the mess we’re in.  And believe me, I don’t minimize how bad things have become.  On the worst days, I shake my head and look at maps to see where I can move to that will allow me to stave off the worst of it for a little longer.

In the second part of this I’ll look a little more closely at the specifics of the Dissident Right’s logic and compare it to my own way of looking at where we are.

Identity Politics and Civic Nationalism – Part 2