16NOV2021 – OCF Update – Thoughts for This Morning

A fine Tuesday morning in mid-November; cold, windy and bright sun.  A perfect day to be viewing the world from the warm side a of a window.  Camera Girl is her usual busy, efficient self.  I can hear her banging around some pots and pans in the kitchen.  She says the noise is incidental but I don’t know, I think she must enjoy the violence.  Maybe she’s thinking of me while she’s beating on them.

I took care of some paperwork and also approved some preventive maintenance on the heating system that needs to be completed before the heavy snows begin.  That one I should’ve done last week.  I can feel the snow in the air.  It won’t take much for a few inches to find its way onto the ground and that would make the work much harder.  But for someone as lazy as I am the fact that I’m not waiting for spring and hoping for the best is a major victory.  So, on the home front things aren’t too far off course.

Looking at the news articles I see more bad news for Dementia Joe.  The country rightly blames him for moronically shutting down oil production and thereby unleashing high energy cost inflation on the already suffering country.  The left-wing media is whistling past the graveyard trying to convince themselves that the infrastructure bill or the reconciliation bill will make everything go back to rainbows and unicorns and 2022 won’t be the bloody rout that everybody knows it will be.  But with $5 a gallon gas already here in parts of the country and with no place for the price to go but up Good Old Joe looks to be headed for single digit approval ratings sometime soon.

The consensus is Biden won’t run for re-election.  Well, duh!  And since Kamala is about as dumb as a hammer and half as popular as cancer there’s going to be one hell of a fight for the nomination.  And one of the best parts of it is that any white male Democrat who runs will be accused of racist misogyny just for running. Who knows?  Maybe Hillary will run again and we’ll get a 2016 rematch.  Oh, the fun that would be!

The Rittenhouse case has gone to the jury.  Whichever way it goes it will stand as another marker of when defending yourself from the mob became a crime.  Even if he’s vindicated, it’s just one more nail in the coffin of a free America.  A government sanctioned riot was burning down an American city and the only allowable choices for the blameless white populace is flee or stay and be assaulted, burned out or even murdered.  And if you resist, the full weight of the government is brought to bear to send you to prison.  And the media will help the process along by distorting the facts and egging on violent partisans to threaten the judge and jury into finding you guilty.

But seeing what a mess the idiotic Left is making of the government they stole is an invigorating experience.  If discontent became widespread enough there is always the chance that someone will take the opportunity to win over the people to real reform.  And not just the Left-sanctioned Bush version where nothing happens except tax cuts for the rich and foreign wars for us.

Well, that’s enough for now.  When some real news breaks out, I’ll have more specific things to say and I’ll have more reviews soon too.  Have a great day.

16OCT2021 – Word On the Street

A good friend of mine who spent a lot of his younger days as an engineer for the likes of Exxon or whatever they were called back then in the oil fields of Saudi Arabia says he’s heard from old friends that Joe Biden’s fervent requests for the oil companies to pump more oil (somehow) have been met with polite evasions like, “We’ll look into that.”  Meanwhile they’re laughing up their sleeves and watching as a barrel of crude approaches the $100/bbl mark with nothing but upside into the foreseeable future.  His advice to me is buy oil stocks.

Hey Joe, why not build some more wind turbines or how about a billion solar car charging ports?  Not quite there on those renewables are we?  Oh Joe, you’re gonna be an awfully popular guy this winter when fuel bills double in New England.  Awfully popular.  Sucks being a Democrat coming up for re-election.

But the bad news for us is that inflation is going to be pretty awful for the foreseeable future for all of us.  Maybe buying oil stocks isn’t such a bad idea.  Now I just have to find some money to buy them with.  Can I sell the dogs?

The Six Dollar Box of Oatmeal

Yesterday, Camera Girl returned from the grocery store and she was highly agitated.  I know that lately she has been finding her grocery shopping frustrating because of the price inflation.  But I could tell that she was much more annoyed than lately.  She explained to me that she went to buy oatmeal and there was none to be had.  So, she went to another store, I think it was Walmart, and they had oatmeal.  But instead of being $3 a box it was $6 a box.  Now that caught my attention.  I’ve been seeing inflation numbers quoted as six percent, ten percent or maybe fifteen percent.  But this data point is a 100% increase!  How the hell is that possible?  Well, when there is no oatmeal on the shelf you can charge whatever you want.

My next question was, “What happens when oatmeal goes from $3 a box to $6 a box in a week?  Well, I know what happened when inflation reached 18% in 1980.  Jimmy Carter got a new job in 1981, unemployed.  So does this mean that the Democrats are going to get drubbed in 2022 and Biden will get bounced in 2024?  Well, the first result looks pretty certain.  The second is much less clear.  Three years is an eternity when discussing the future.  For all we know Joe Biden will go with some kind of price-fixing scheme to insulate Americans from the damage he’s done to the economy.  Nixon tried that back in the 1970’s when OPEC hit us with the oil embargo.  But Nixon got a pass because he could blame the Arabs.  So, is there a change in the world that allows runaway inflation to happen without political consequences?  Maybe.

Everybody has been talking about the new reality where elections don’t require the electorate to vote.  Maybe that’s the theory for what’s happening.  The government tells companies to fire their employees because they don’t have proof of vaccination.  The government destroys the ability of industry to provide enough of the essentials for life and the poorest, or rather the poor that aren’t advantaged by protected status will have to do without when supply and demand puts essentials beyond their means to purchase.  The government does whatever it likes to hurt its enemies and help its friends.  It doesn’t sound like anything that could happen in America but it does sound like the Soviet Union.  Starving their own people was a specialty of the communists in Russia. The manufactured famine in the Ukraine is the classic example.  Maybe the communists running our government think they are ready to start using soviet tactics to destroy their enemies.

I don’t know.  It’s a strange time we find ourselves in.  All of this is happening because of COVID and because of the war against petroleum.  The desire to turn us into serfs is visible all around us.  Are we really so helpless that we’ll just let it happen?  I tend to think not.  Even idiotic white women in the suburbs must notice that their lives are becoming steadily worse.  At some point I assume they will decide that being against Donald Trump doesn’t justify allowing Joe Biden to impoverish their family and deprive them of the means of living a first world existence.

Anyway, that’s what I hope will happen.  In the meantime, I better go enjoy my bowl of doubly expensive oatmeal.  I won’t even bother to ask for sliced bananas in it.  My heart isn’t strong enough to hear what they must cost.

Peter Thiel is Buying Gold Bar

Here’s an interesting tidbit of information, Peter Thiel’s software corporation Palantir Technologies Inc. is hedging it’s other equity positions with gold bullion.  It’s one thing when Alex Jones tells you to buy gold.  It’s another when a really smart guy starts buying precious metals.  I shudder to think what these guys believe the inflation situation might be a few years down the road.

Isn’t it a great thing to be basking in the glow of Joe Biden’s post America?