The Global Project is Starting to Look Kind of Tattered

After the Soviet Union folded its tent, George H.W. Bush famously talked about a “new world order.”  Clinton and W. both allowed this new project to feed off the power of the United States until it was supposed to replace it with a global alliance of elites who floated above the nationalist concerns of the proles and harvested the fruits of the labor of whatever market would provide them at the lowest price; India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma and possibly the far side of the moon at some point in the future.  And in doing this they crushed the working-class citizens of the United States.  And now they’re doing the same to the middle class too.  But that’s unimportant.  A new managerial class is being imported into the United States to replace Americans as the white-collar servants of the managerial class.  And this imported help will work at a discount too.  So, it’s a win-win for the elites.  They’ve gotten rid of those pesky Americans with their outdated ideas of patriotism and freedom and replaced them with compliant foreigners who also work cheap.

Lately the proles have started to revolt.  They elected Trump and demanded Brexit.  But happily, order has been restored.  The 2020 election was enhanced (rigged) and the FBI is busy arresting anyone who protested against it.  Even the Canadians have resorted to gestapo tactics when their working-class people protested the vaccine mandates.

But a funny thing happened on the way to this New World Order. The elites have stepped on so many people that they may have splintered their own coalition of the aggrieved.  The afro-centric nature of the last couple of years of the resistance have stepped on the toes of several of the other constituencies.  The Latino and Asian populations are seeing their concerns ignored when they compete with how Black Lives Matters sees the priorities.  And feminists, especially lesbians, are outraged at how “trans-women” are being given rights and privileges that trample on female concerns.

The traditional religious beliefs in many ethnic groups, especially Latino groups are very unhappy with the homosexual agenda especially as it is being taught to their children.  And many communities including affluent whites are outraged at the inclusion of critical race theory (CRT) in the K-12 school curriculum.  And finally, going along with the BLM problems everyone living in cities are horrified by the elimination of effective policing in their neighborhoods.  Crime is epidemic and district attorneys refuse to prosecute almost any crimes committed in their urban jurisdictions to somehow compensate for alleged past inequities in black arrests and incarceration.

All these problems are now adding to the revolt against COVID mandates and the anger at double digit inflation and supply chain disruptions.  The citizenry of the United States (and other western countries) is terribly angry at the feckless behavior of their elite masters and they want change.

And now, just when things look like they couldn’t get worse the geniuses at NATO manage to piss off Vladimir Putin to the extent that he was willing to invade the Ukraine.  And this instability that will rock the financial markets and send the price of oil through the roof provides the final proof needed to assure the world that the leaders of the New World Order are idiots.  What they’ve managed to do is expose their enterprise as a sham.  They whittled away the strength and legitimacy of the American military and now it no longer provides the club they formerly depended on to force the other nations to follow their rules.  Russia and China and maybe soon Iran and Turkey will start to enforce their own rules in their neighborhoods.  Allies like Japan, South Korea and Germany will have to fend for themselves and look for other partners to provide security in their neighborhoods.

This loss of superpower status is going to have practical, negative effects on American companies and citizens.  Our safety abroad will decrease.  Our money will become less valuable.   The best and brightest will consider other countries as possible homes for themselves and their enterprises.  And there will be more groups interested in challenging our military capability, especially in asymmetric engagements (guerilla tactics).  And our primary adversaries will be looking for opportunities to weaken us further.

It’s too soon to be talking about the end of globalism but things seem to be picking up steam.  Possibly we may be reaching a tipping point at which a clear majority of the American public turns against the globalist project and demands a return to an America First agenda.  Of course, the Left may just work harder at perpetrating voting fraud.  And the Republican establishment is working overtime to rally the public for whatever new war the neocons can think up.  But it is possible that this confluence of horrible news and horrible policies might tip things beyond the control of the Uniparty.  I guess I’m an idealist.  Fingers crossed.

Tucker Talks About Hungary’s Pro-Family Policies

Victor Orban is Hungary’s Prime Minister.  He is a populist Hungarian nationalist and he’d rather help his people raise their own families than import third world immigrants to replace them.  Tucker went to Hungary to talk to Orban and the media is very angry about it.  Listen to Tucker’s description of the program.  Grants to families that have three or four children,  No income tax for life for large families.  Tax breaks to grandparents that help with the children.  Sounds good to me.  I hope some of our leaders like DeSantis and Abbott go to Hungary and learn a few things there.

I’ve been thinking about Hungary as a refuge of last resort but not being of Hungarian extraction they probably wouldn’t let me in.  So there is definitely one club I’d like to join that wouldn’t have me as a member.  Take that Groucho Marx.

An Interview with Victor Orban

Victor Orban is the Prime Minister of Hungary and a staunch Hungarian nationalist.  He is trying his best to push his country back in a direction that aligns with Family, God and Country.  And because of this he is despised by his EU neighbors.  The openly gay EU leaders have been triggered by his recent passing of a law that forbids proselytizing the LGBTQ lifestyles to minors.  But he is indifferent to their hysteria.  The fact that Hungary elected this man four times speaks volumes about their superiority to our own with respect to survival instinct

Recently he was interviewed by a religious publication from Croatia.  Here are some excepts.  Note:  This is a machine translation from a Croat publication and therefore not particularly polished.


How much does it cost you to swim against the dominant European political current?

Whoever swims with the multicultural fashion of this time loses everything that matters in life. True, everyone who goes against the current causes themselves a lot of problems. We pay a high price. Hungary pays a high price for not signing the Istanbul Convention, then refusing to support any Cold War policy; we pay a high price for not kicking the Russian president every day together with Westerners, but giving him the respect he deserves as president; we pay a high price for protecting the Christian model of the family; that LGBT madness has no place here; then we pay a high price for our position on migration and we pay a high price for not accepting the Brussels bureaucracy, but first and foremost as a counterweight to building Central European cooperation. So, we really pay a high price. But if we don’t pay that price, and if we don’t represent our interests, we may live more comfortably, but we will end up losing a lot more. We do better if we fight. I think Zrinski would understand that too.


How strong are the influences of pre-democratic structures in Hungary today?

In the Hungarian soul there is generally a desire for what is more important than personal life, which transcends it. Hungarians usually look for it in three directions: in the direction of family, nation and God. Usually, conversion also occurs when these three worlds are connected. It is a process that is progressing and I would not say that we are hindered by pre-democratic structures, no one else is responsible, it is our responsibility. Clearly, there are atheists in Hungary as well, there are opponents of the Church, there are liberals who do everything to stop the spread of Christian values. They have their own media, they are organized, they have strong civic associations. However, we have them on the conservative side as well – there are at least as many Christian media as there are anti-Christian ones, our civil associations are at least as strong as theirs, maybe even stronger; and we hold political positions because we have a Christian government. Therefore, the lack of spiritual renewal cannot be attributed to our opponents. The fault is not in others, but in ourselves.


You mention the soul of Europe, the spiritual struggle. Is the current political struggle actually the materialization of a spiritual struggle waged in the background?

Politics takes place on three levels simultaneously. The first level is practical: it deals with issues related to power, the acceptance of the budget, the appointment of persons, the maintenance of order. I would call the second level a vision, because all national communities must have a vision. What will happen to the Hungarians, not tomorrow morning, but in five, 10, 20 years? However, behind everything there is another broader dimension, the world of transcendence. We live in that dimension as well, and it is a part of life. In Hungarian political thought, this is called the problem of majority and truth. It could be said like this: if someone has a majority, but does not strive for the truth with that majority, what will the majority do for him? It’s just profanation. If, on the other hand, one advocates the truth but cannot move the majority, how will he act in the interest of that truth? It is a key challenge of Christian politics that emerges in democratic conditions. To simplify, we no longer have sacral kings anointed by God, so we must exist in a democracy, connecting the majority and the truth. It is not easy, but it is possible. Demo-Christian politics also has its mandate in relation to Christian culture. Christianity, first of all, created a free man. Therefore, we must first and foremost protect human dignity. Then, Christianity created a Christian family. We must protect the concept of the Christian family. Furthermore, Christianity has created nations in this part of the world. If we, the Hungarians, had not followed Christianity for a thousand years, we would have disappeared, so we must also protect the nation. But we must also protect religious communities and the Church. To summarize, our task is not to protect theological principles, it is the mission of the Church, but the great Christian achievements of civilization. And when I protect them, I fight not only with the sword, I use not only power, but also arguments.

20DEC2019 – American Greatness Post of the Day – Paul Bradford’s Nationalism Won

Paul Bradford’s article “Nationalism Won the British Election and It Will Win Again Here,” is a reasonably concise evaluation of the way Boris Johnson steered his party away from both the open borders of Labour and the libertarian economics of the Tories to embrace a Nationalism that successfully united the aspirations of working class and middle class voters.

Bradford sums this up in his last sentence, “Put America First and curb immigration. It won in the UK, and it can win again in America.”


02JAN2019 – American Greatness Post of the Day – Nationalism is America’s Comeback Kid by Ken Masugi

Ken Masugi has a post on resurgent nationalism and uses as a proof that even “reliable liberal E.J. Dionne, … makes apologies on behalf of nationalism.” in an article that Masugi quotes.
Well at least we don’t have to click on Dionne’s post.  This tells you that the 2020 Dem candidates will be touting themselves as populists.  Hah!

Nationalism Is America’s Comeback Kid

When the Sleepers Awaken

A couple of months ago I wrote a post called “Talking to the Sleepwalkers” in which I described how I attempted to explain what Trump was all about to friends who were still looking at things from the point of view that the Republicans were actually conservative.  At the end of the post I wrote, “Did I wake anyone up?  I don’t know, but at least now I feel like I want to keep trying.”

Well yesterday an echo pinged back on the sonar.  I was pointed to an article in the WSJ by one of the folks I was talking about before.  It was entitled:

Is ‘Classical Liberalism’ Conservative?

Trump didn’t divide the right. Centuries-old philosophical divisions have re-emerged.

By Yoram Hazony

It’s a description of how the “New World Order” crowd convinced us (and themselves?) that they were conservative.  I guess I got through.  Good.  That’s a first step.  And an important one.  Until you know what the problem is, you can’t possibly start working to effectively to fix it.

A couple of years into this brave new world of right wing revolt we still don’t even know what we are actually doing.  The grass roots agitators aren’t even aligned.  In fact, they don’t even know what to call themselves yet.  Alt-Right, Dissident Right, Alt-West, Nationalists, Populists, etc.  And of course, factionalism and cults of personality and disagreements on just about every subject imaginable are on display and defeatists and concern trolls are packed cheek to jowl as far as the eye can see.

But it’s still infinitely better than not knowing why every action by “our side” was a defeat and every day brought a new outrage that went unchecked.  And Trump is still in his White House so “all’s right with the world.”  Of late my joy at his almost uncanny ability to trigger my worst enemies into paroxysms of rage is becoming almost embarrassing.  At work, I’ll be writing some mundane list or power point slide and I’ll think about his NFL or Weinstein tweets and stop and smile and get some coffee and e-mail a friend about it.  It’s definitely cutting into my productivity but it’s also lowering my blood pressure and overall that’s good for everything including ability to do work.  And I imagine it’s having the opposite effect on my left-wing counterparts.  They probably hear about these things and get driven into a rage spiral and that’s got to be bad for the blood pressure and quality of life.  Ah, sweet schadenfreude.

To get back to the original point, word’s getting out.  Reach out to the unaware.  They can be reached.  And Trump is doing his part.  He goes after those we aren’t allowed to touch.  The more Trump calls out the bullies the clearer it becomes that they are the problem.  Pretty soon even Great Aunt Sophie may know what Fake News is.  If everyone who can be reached knows what’s going on, then we can figure out whether a national consensus can be reached.  So, if 55-60% of the country can agree that the left is the problem (including the GOPE) then maybe we can turn this around.  If not, then we’re headed down the road to tribalism and identity politics and the end of the American Dream.  But even if we end up there we’re better off than if we got there without knowing why and how.  We can dictate some of the terms of the divorce.  Cold comfort?  Maybe, but I’ll take it.