Neil Oliver Talks About Despots and Freedom

Since I first saw one of Neil Oliver’s videos on The Conservative Treehouse I’ve come to envy his amazing eloquence and his Scottish brogue.  But more than his language skills I enjoy his forthright defense of freedom.  I really don’t know his history or his specific political stripe but he has been passionate about standing against the anti-freedom forces array against him and us.

In this video he talks about how what’s happening in Ukraine is no longer the antithesis of how the West behaves.  After all if Joe Biden doesn’t like your politics he’ll send men with guns to throw you into prison and if you resist you’ll end up just as dead as a Ukrainian freedom fighter.

America Needs a Prophet

America has lost its way.  Those under forty are dispirited and directionless.  The older people are confused and frightened.   Only the fanatics of the Left are energized.  And their only impulse is to destroy what is normal.

William Butler Yeats in his poem, “The Second Coming” characterized the problem of modernity thus:

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity …”

I think what he is saying is that we’ve lost our way utterly.  Those running our civilization have disconnected from what is essential to human life.  They’ve cut away the roots that nourished our culture and our people.  And maybe they’ve done it purposefully.  Maybe they think they should get rid of most of us.  Or maybe they want to end humanity altogether including themselves.  I’m not sure which.

It may be that the western world and America in particular will needs a revival.  It has happened several times in America’s history that a religious revival has swept across large areas of the country to restore purpose and energy to the communities here.  It might coincide with a financial crisis or a war.  Usually religious leaders would declare a “crusade” to attack a spiritual problem like alcoholism or gambling.

I don’t know if there are any religious leaders in the mainline churches who aren’t already coopted by the Left.  I guess it could be anyone coming from any background.  Maybe it won’t even be a religious man.  But it will have to be someone who can speak eloquently and to the point.  That man must preach against the Left in all its various forms.

What is needed is someone who can confidently and convincingly attack the Left and all it stands for.  He will need to provide a coherent and comprehensive plan to reestablish Western Civilization as it flourished a hundred years ago.  He will have to be a Moses to lead the people back into the promised land.  He will have to cast down the golden calf and provide the people with the commandments they need to restore order to their lives.  What does that metaphor equate to in our current world?  So many things.  Probably the most fundamental commandment will be return to living in functional families.  And that means abandoning the feminist model of working women who produce one child sometime in their late thirties or early forties.  It means stay at home moms who raise their children themselves.  And men who work to support those families.  And spend the rest of their time at home with their wives and children and in their communities.  That is the central theme of a revival.

Next, the schools need to be reformed.  All the leftist propaganda must be stripped away from kindergarten to graduate school.  All of the intersectional studies programs must be eliminated.  No good ever came from Women’s Studies or Queer Studies or Africana Studies.  Ever.  Schools must return to their original purpose; vocational training.  Whether it’s advanced physics or carpentry teaching a valid skill as a means to making a living is what we pay colleges to teach our children.  If they don’t accomplish that then shut them down.

And last but not least we have to reform our federal government.  And this is the most difficult reform of all.  The managerial state has become our master.  It dictates to us how we must live in excruciating detail; what we must do and what is forbidden.  The prophet we need must have laws to reform the government and cast out the masters who have made us slaves.

That is what we need; someone of gigantic stature to reform our society.  It’s an almost impossible task.  But if no one appears we are surely doomed.  We will sink into serfdom and even our elites will be pushed aside by abler cultures that maintained their understanding of what makes a healthy culture.  Where is our Moses?

25FEB2022 – OCF Update – Weekly Installment of Snow Removal


4 – 8 inches of snow projected.  Probably 4 inches on the ground already.  And the obligatory freezing rain at the end to provide the literal icing on the cake.  Blah, blah, blah, I hate snow.  Blah, blah, blah, I hate New England.

And we’re back.  Sorry about the obligatory “winter in New England” rant.  But it’s in my contract so blah, blah, blah.

Well, next week starts March.  The days are definitely getting longer and life is speeding up here at the Compound.  I purchased the (hopefully) last gas can’s worth of fuel for the snow blower.  I’m more than halfway through the latest (for me) Galaxy’s Edge novel and it’s good.  Wish I could say as much for my novel.  I have to face it.  Running a blog takes up most of my free time and that means writing is the loser.  I’ll have to figure something out.

I’ve been looking at a couple of options for selling photos and photo books.  It looks like it should be relatively easy to set up and I’ll include links on the site.  Doing some advance research for the July trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons.  I’ll definitely have to pare down the list of photo equipment I planned to bring.  But there’s plenty of time to do that.

It’s remarkable to watch Dementia Joe become an even bigger loser every day.  The only true thing Barry Obama ever said was that no one should ever underestimate Biden’s ability to foul things up.  It truly is his super power.  But it’s not a mystery.  He’s just a lazy idiot.  Lying about things that fool stupid people at the expense of the good of the United States has always been his go to plan.  And when you’re just a crooked senator or the Vice President it wasn’t that critical.  But when you’re pretending to be the President of the United States it kind of is.

I think the general feeling across the country on both sides is, “How is this guy going to keep this up for almost three more years?”  That’s a really long time.  Will there be anything left of the country by then?  I guess we’ll find out.

The mask mandate is retreating at top speed now.  Only the school requirements are still there and that is one of the most aggravating ones because of the illogic of masking the least vulnerable.  It highlights how beholden the Democrat Party is to the teachers’ unions.  Good.  That will continue to alienate parents in the run up to the November elections.

The Ukraine debacle will really hurt the economy once we have $6/gal gas to deal with.  That might actually tip us into a recession.  Stagflation right from the dictionary definition.  Well, they say Americans are too fat.  This will give us all a chance to go on an involuntary diet.  Oatmeal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I’m curious to see how Trump’s social media experiment goes.  It will take a while to know if there’s something solid there.  The initial excitement will have to wear off first.  After all, I’ve never been completely sure what Twitter actually does that’s useful.  Amazon’s business model and Google’s ads I understand.  Guess we’ll find out.

So at some point I’ll disappear for a few hours to move the white stuff.  If anything  interesting shows up I’ll opine.  Enjoy the rest of the morning.



The Global Project is Starting to Look Kind of Tattered

After the Soviet Union folded its tent, George H.W. Bush famously talked about a “new world order.”  Clinton and W. both allowed this new project to feed off the power of the United States until it was supposed to replace it with a global alliance of elites who floated above the nationalist concerns of the proles and harvested the fruits of the labor of whatever market would provide them at the lowest price; India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma and possibly the far side of the moon at some point in the future.  And in doing this they crushed the working-class citizens of the United States.  And now they’re doing the same to the middle class too.  But that’s unimportant.  A new managerial class is being imported into the United States to replace Americans as the white-collar servants of the managerial class.  And this imported help will work at a discount too.  So, it’s a win-win for the elites.  They’ve gotten rid of those pesky Americans with their outdated ideas of patriotism and freedom and replaced them with compliant foreigners who also work cheap.

Lately the proles have started to revolt.  They elected Trump and demanded Brexit.  But happily, order has been restored.  The 2020 election was enhanced (rigged) and the FBI is busy arresting anyone who protested against it.  Even the Canadians have resorted to gestapo tactics when their working-class people protested the vaccine mandates.

But a funny thing happened on the way to this New World Order. The elites have stepped on so many people that they may have splintered their own coalition of the aggrieved.  The afro-centric nature of the last couple of years of the resistance have stepped on the toes of several of the other constituencies.  The Latino and Asian populations are seeing their concerns ignored when they compete with how Black Lives Matters sees the priorities.  And feminists, especially lesbians, are outraged at how “trans-women” are being given rights and privileges that trample on female concerns.

The traditional religious beliefs in many ethnic groups, especially Latino groups are very unhappy with the homosexual agenda especially as it is being taught to their children.  And many communities including affluent whites are outraged at the inclusion of critical race theory (CRT) in the K-12 school curriculum.  And finally, going along with the BLM problems everyone living in cities are horrified by the elimination of effective policing in their neighborhoods.  Crime is epidemic and district attorneys refuse to prosecute almost any crimes committed in their urban jurisdictions to somehow compensate for alleged past inequities in black arrests and incarceration.

All these problems are now adding to the revolt against COVID mandates and the anger at double digit inflation and supply chain disruptions.  The citizenry of the United States (and other western countries) is terribly angry at the feckless behavior of their elite masters and they want change.

And now, just when things look like they couldn’t get worse the geniuses at NATO manage to piss off Vladimir Putin to the extent that he was willing to invade the Ukraine.  And this instability that will rock the financial markets and send the price of oil through the roof provides the final proof needed to assure the world that the leaders of the New World Order are idiots.  What they’ve managed to do is expose their enterprise as a sham.  They whittled away the strength and legitimacy of the American military and now it no longer provides the club they formerly depended on to force the other nations to follow their rules.  Russia and China and maybe soon Iran and Turkey will start to enforce their own rules in their neighborhoods.  Allies like Japan, South Korea and Germany will have to fend for themselves and look for other partners to provide security in their neighborhoods.

This loss of superpower status is going to have practical, negative effects on American companies and citizens.  Our safety abroad will decrease.  Our money will become less valuable.   The best and brightest will consider other countries as possible homes for themselves and their enterprises.  And there will be more groups interested in challenging our military capability, especially in asymmetric engagements (guerilla tactics).  And our primary adversaries will be looking for opportunities to weaken us further.

It’s too soon to be talking about the end of globalism but things seem to be picking up steam.  Possibly we may be reaching a tipping point at which a clear majority of the American public turns against the globalist project and demands a return to an America First agenda.  Of course, the Left may just work harder at perpetrating voting fraud.  And the Republican establishment is working overtime to rally the public for whatever new war the neocons can think up.  But it is possible that this confluence of horrible news and horrible policies might tip things beyond the control of the Uniparty.  I guess I’m an idealist.  Fingers crossed.

Now That Russia Has Taken Ukraine Are the Baltics Next?

The other day I speculated what our response would be if Russia invaded the Baltic States.  Now that the Ukraine has been occupied and nothing has been done by the West other than some pro-forma sanctions it occurs to me that there really isn’t anything keeping them out of the Baltics.  Not a thing.  Of course, that invites the question, what’s keeping them out of Poland or Germany or France.  Militarily, it’s the same answer.  In each case we only have the threat of nuclear war as a deterrence against Russian military attack and occupation.  By allowing our armed forces to become an LGBTQ poster child instead of a fighting machine we’ve put all our eggs in the nuclear war basket.  And Russia will continue to test us to see where the tipping point is.  Ukraine?  Moldova?  Estonia?  Latvia?  Lithuania?

And once China sees this happening we can forget about Taiwan.  And how about Korea?  Right about now I’m guessing Japan is starting to get a little nervous.  All these dominoes were set in motion when the Left’s world view was adopted by Americans.  When you demonize America and its history and deny the difference between a man and a woman you throw away the basis for the deterrence of an army or even a nuclear stockpile.  Would a woman like Kamala Harris or a feminist man like Joe Biden send troops against the Russians or launch nuclear weapons?  I’m guessing the Russians have decided the answer is no.

Lots of bad things are no longer unthinkable.  Luckily for us the Russians want to sell Europe gas and China wants to sell us everything.  So, they’ll be satisfied to just take the stuff they want.  They don’t have to force us into a fight for our lives.  It’s sort of like the smash and grab attacks on expensive stores.  If the sales staff stays out of the way and lets the thieves take what they want they won’t get hurt.  And what else can you do when you’ve told the police they’re evil.  You’ve thrown away your shield and have to submit to the thieves.

It’s not a happy situation we find ourselves in.  But at least it lays bare the reality of a feminized West.  Without men in charge of the military and foreign policy, non-feminized countries will be free to exert military force as they see fit.  Our safety culture will direct us to take the less dangerous option of hectoring the enemy like a global Karen telling Moscow or Beijing to stop what they’re doing or we’ll tell the UN on them.

But maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe Dementia Joe will stand up on his two feet and take Vladimir Putin behind the barn and lay the smackdown on him.  Maybe he’ll send our tranny brigade against the Russian army.  Size fifteen stiletto heels marching in unison to victory.  The good and bad news is that Biden is responsible and he’ll have to figure this out.  The good news is he’ll take the blame.  The bad news is we’ll have to suffer the consequences.

“O brave new world, that has such people in it!”