Now That Russia Has Taken Ukraine Are the Baltics Next?

The other day I speculated what our response would be if Russia invaded the Baltic States.  Now that the Ukraine has been occupied and nothing has been done by the West other than some pro-forma sanctions it occurs to me that there really isn’t anything keeping them out of the Baltics.  Not a thing.  Of course, that invites the question, what’s keeping them out of Poland or Germany or France.  Militarily, it’s the same answer.  In each case we only have the threat of nuclear war as a deterrence against Russian military attack and occupation.  By allowing our armed forces to become an LGBTQ poster child instead of a fighting machine we’ve put all our eggs in the nuclear war basket.  And Russia will continue to test us to see where the tipping point is.  Ukraine?  Moldova?  Estonia?  Latvia?  Lithuania?

And once China sees this happening we can forget about Taiwan.  And how about Korea?  Right about now I’m guessing Japan is starting to get a little nervous.  All these dominoes were set in motion when the Left’s world view was adopted by Americans.  When you demonize America and its history and deny the difference between a man and a woman you throw away the basis for the deterrence of an army or even a nuclear stockpile.  Would a woman like Kamala Harris or a feminist man like Joe Biden send troops against the Russians or launch nuclear weapons?  I’m guessing the Russians have decided the answer is no.

Lots of bad things are no longer unthinkable.  Luckily for us the Russians want to sell Europe gas and China wants to sell us everything.  So, they’ll be satisfied to just take the stuff they want.  They don’t have to force us into a fight for our lives.  It’s sort of like the smash and grab attacks on expensive stores.  If the sales staff stays out of the way and lets the thieves take what they want they won’t get hurt.  And what else can you do when you’ve told the police they’re evil.  You’ve thrown away your shield and have to submit to the thieves.

It’s not a happy situation we find ourselves in.  But at least it lays bare the reality of a feminized West.  Without men in charge of the military and foreign policy, non-feminized countries will be free to exert military force as they see fit.  Our safety culture will direct us to take the less dangerous option of hectoring the enemy like a global Karen telling Moscow or Beijing to stop what they’re doing or we’ll tell the UN on them.

But maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe Dementia Joe will stand up on his two feet and take Vladimir Putin behind the barn and lay the smackdown on him.  Maybe he’ll send our tranny brigade against the Russian army.  Size fifteen stiletto heels marching in unison to victory.  The good and bad news is that Biden is responsible and he’ll have to figure this out.  The good news is he’ll take the blame.  The bad news is we’ll have to suffer the consequences.

“O brave new world, that has such people in it!”

Biden Stands Athwart of Ukraine and Shouts, C’mon Man!

Dementia Joe wants to take Vladimir Putin behind the barn and give him the Corn Pop treatment.  That’s rich.  I can see Republicans trying to get some mileage scaring old ladies and nancy boys by breathlessly claiming that the Biden administration is risking nuclear oblivion by poking the thermonuclear Russian bear.  But I hope no one else thinks Joe Biden is planning on doing anything beyond zooming with his Euro-weenie play pals and saying mean things about Putin.  I mean, “c’mon man,” what in hell could they do?  Germany and half of Europe depends on Russian natural gas just to survive through each winter.  Now that the moronic Greens have shut down all the nuclear power plants outside of France, they all live huddled around their miserable space heaters hoping that the local gas turbine electric plant near them won’t lower the voltage on their hovels to the point where they freeze to death.  I’ve been hoping that Greta Thunberg will ultimately succumb as a hypothermia victim during a brown out in Norway.

Anyway, after the State Department and their European counterparts have a chance to drink a barrel of wine and eat a bunch of caviar and goose liver they’ll send their recommendations to NATO which will say, “We condemn any interference in the internal affairs of the sovereign state of Ukraine and we demand that LGBTQ people be respected, carbon neutral natural gas continue to be pumped into Germany and Hunter Biden receive 10% of all the spoils  divvied up in the aftermath of this tragic but ultimately acceptable bite out of Ukraine autonomy.”

Then Joe will announce this tough but measured response to Russian aggression in a painfully garbled televised speech which will immediately decrease his stature to about where Saddam Hussein was after they dragged him out of his rat hole.  Although I remember Saddam cut a dashing figure in his tighty whiteys in that shot they had of him in the prison.  I doubt Joe would look as sanitary.

All kidding aside.  No one is prying Ukraine from the Russians today.  Maybe before Putin came to power while they were being slapped around by the Chechens.  Not now.  We’ve just spent twenty years degrading our fighting force in demoralizing wars in the Middle East and we’ve filled our ranks with way too many women and sexual deviants and our generals are politically correct bureaucrats who couldn’t even plan an exit from an occupied country.  Our Commander in Chief is a dementia patient and our civilian population is at the point of a cold civil war.

I think the real question we should be asking is what will the EU do when Poland, and the rest of the Eastern European countries desert them and form an alliance with Russia?  Culturally and morally the Russians seem to be much closer to the hearts and minds of the Magyars, the Poles and the other Eastern Europeans.  These are religious people who are repelled by the decadence and nihilism of western countries like Germany and Belgium.  At least the Russians don’t have an ideological reason for forcing third world refugees into these countries the way the EU does.  And the Poles and the Magyars are both disgusted with the EU’s bullying attempts to force them to embrace homosexuality in their culture and especially in the schools.  It would make perfect sense for these countries to equalize their ties with both the East and the West.

And this same situation goes for China.  We’re going to fight a war over Taiwan?  I could see us giving them missiles and aircraft.  But I think the days of us patrolling the South China Sea are over.  What we should do is tell the Koreans and the Japanese to build a few nukes of their own, join the big boys’ club and deal with China as equals.  Our days as the world’s policeman are over.  We exhausted ourselves during the War on Terror (Thanks for nothing W!) and now we need to worry about our own problems.

So, anyone who is worried about Ukrainian Armageddon, relax.  Jo-Jo the dog faced boy may say a bunch of stupid stuff but his keepers won’t let him play with the nuclear football.  Russia is reassembling its western components, Belarus and Ukraine.  The Eastern satellites are also being reined in as we saw with Kazakhstan.  Honestly, I think I’d prefer Russia to China taking hold of those places in Asia.  Russia at least has a European heritage that I find recognizable.  And who knows?  The way things are going Siberia might be a place to live in the future to escape from American cultural dysfunction and lack of freedom.  Think about that.

Who’s Signing Up for the Next War

I just read today that the House and Senate have bills to mandate women register for the military draft.  Ah, perfect.  Now we’re a hundred percent clear that this is a suicide pact we live under.  But what it got me thinking is who will be volunteering for the next war.

Let’s say that the Taliban hands over some of the military aircraft we gave them, to ISIS-K and they manage to fly it in over the southern border and just for the sake of argument, they fly it into the Freedom Tower in Manhattan.  Now granted, it may take a few weeks before anyone in New York gets around to responding to the huge pile of smoldering rubble.  After all the cops really aren’t welcome in the City anymore.  Back in 2001 New York’s iron workers were the ones who showed up on their own to start cutting up the steel to get at the remains of the victims.  Eventually the government starting paying them for their work but they showed up to try and save lives.  I wonder if there’s anyone who would show up this time.  I doubt it.  But eventually even dysfunctional New York will acknowledge that they’ve been attacked.  Then what?

If the Taliban give a big old belly laugh and say, “What goes around comes around.”  What exactly will Washington do?  If Dementia Joe goes on tv and mumbles about honor and duty and rallying around the flag who is going to sign up to invade Afghanistan?

I’m guessing there will be a big LGBTQ contingent, maybe fifteen or twenty lesbians and a few eunuch-transgendered guys signing up.  But that’s probably it.  That means if they really want to fight a big war they’ll need to institute the draft.  Now even if they haven’t added women to the draft, I’m guessing that the Democrat voters aren’t going to be thrilled about going to war.  I can’t see Brooklyn hipsters taking up the sword.  Nor do I think that the managerial state is willing to let their kids go toe to toe with Ivan (or even Muhammad).  I don’t think Congress is going to authorize the draft.  Is that the end of the forever wars?  I think so.

We no longer live in a country where patriotism has the same meaning.  Nobody is going to sign up to make Dementia Joe look good.  No one.  Not their side and definitely not our side. Flyover country has no interest in avenging Bill de Blasio and BLM.  In fact, Joe should ask Antifa and BLM for volunteers.  Something tells me no hands will go up.

So, that puts a whole new spin on NATO and the other treaties we have in place.  If I were the Japanese or the South Koreans or especially the Taiwanese, I’d be putting together a nuke or two right about now.  And I’m guessing Ukraine, Belarus and even Poland and Germany are re-evaluating their relationships with Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

So, in this brave new world even individual US states will need to evaluate what they think the feds can provide for military assistance.  For instance, Texas is becoming aware of just how powerful the Mexican cartels are becoming inside their borders.  Since Biden seems more interested in helping illegals than protecting American citizens from criminal aliens, at some point, I think Texas will need to formalize policies that under normal circumstances would be the responsibility of the federal agencies like ICE and the FBI.  Arresting illegals that are part of the drug trafficking industry will become a very large part of law enforcement in Texas.  Possibly some of the Texans who formerly might have enlisted in the US Army and Marine Corps might end up working for a Texas law enforcement agency that needs tactical skills.

But I think the big takeaway is that Joe Biden and his woke military are on their own.  The real Americans are done.  Joe can send his girls and trannies to keep the peace in Baghdad and Kabul.  The rest of us will stay at home and protect our own right here.  That’s going to make it a very different world.