Pissed Off Canadians

Over at Larry Correia’s site there was a post on the Trucker’s Protest on the Windsor Bridge crossing.  Anyway in the comments a Canadian calling himself “The Phantom” had some very interesting comments about the popularity of the protest with the regular Canadians:

“Second, I live almost 2 hours from Toronto and 6 hours from Ottawa, out in the sticks down by Lake Erie. It is farm country, there’s nothing going on around here. Cows and snowbanks right now. So, the fun part is that every time I leave the house to go to the store or what have you, there are Freedom Convoy signs and Canadian flags on random pickup trucks. People have been lining up hay bales in their fields next to the road and painting them with slogans. Idle tractors sitting in driveways have a Canadian flag tied to a hockey stick flying on them. There was a big John Deere parked at the Tim Horton’s in Cayuga on Hwy 3 the other day with a Freedom Convoy sign and a flag.

It’s not just the truckers now. The government has been pissing off the Normies for two years now, and the dam finally broke. Present situation today is that roughly everything you see on Canadian media is a lie, and the crowds of protesters are the regular Jane and Joe Canadian who are tired of lockdowns, masks and vaccine mandates. They’ve had it, and they’re starting to look at how they want to piss off the government today.”

Maybe the Canadians will make some changes in their government.

How Dangerous Are the COVID Vaccines?

I watched Robert Malone’s interview with Tucker Carlson.  Toward the end of the video Malone discusses the toxicity of the spike protein and how its effect in an injected form such as the vaccine can have extreme consequences.  And then he mentions the Department of Defense’s (DoD) adverse effects data on the vaccines and mentioned that frequencies of adverse effects like cancer and myocarditis have shown, in some cases, a ten-fold increase.  Now, the DoD is claiming that somehow the previous years’ data is somehow at fault and actually the tenfold increase is really the normal baseline.  Malone indicates in his discussion that this is most probably a lie.  Watching this has further increased my fears for the younger members of my family who have been vaccinated.  For older folks such as myself the impact of the mRNA technology on my physiology is troubling but since I don’t expect to live another sixty or seventy years (thankfully) I am not as at risk as adolescents and young adults.  For them this is truly frightening news.  And the idea that they will continue to get “boosters” sounds like insanity.

The problem that the Biden administration will continue to shield the FDA and the vaccine manufacturers from the public learning of the safety problems with these vaccines is maddening.  The FDA’s primary function is to protect the public from dangerous medicines.  The true facts of the safety record of these vaccines must be revealed to allow Americans to gage whether their government is protecting them or not.  I remember last year several of the most senior FDA officials who oversaw vaccine testing resigned.  There was a reason for that.  When the Senate and House revert to Republican control, they must investigate these things.  If it’s as bad as it sounds, they will need to impeach Biden and his cronies and then force the FDA and the Justice Department to prosecute anyone who knew about these safety problems.

I realize that all this sounds like a lunatic conspiracy theory.  I’ve worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over two decades and I know that adverse effects are stringently recorded and analyzed for any new drug before allowing it to be used by the public.  If side effects have been observed for these drugs in any where near the frequency and severity that Malone indicates, these vaccines need to be banned for use by young people and maybe everyone else too.  There are treatments for COVID that can reduce the risk of serious illness even for the old and seriously ill.  Forcing the population to take a dangerous medicine that has very limited efficacy is criminally negligent.

If it turns out that people knew these things for months or even a year then jail time should be the minimum punishment.  I could imagine that the death penalty would be a reasonable sentence for someone who unleashed a potentially fatal vaccine on hundreds of millions of people.

How the hell did we ever get to this place?  When the American people can no longer believe its own government on something as fundamental as drug safety and the Media is complicit with that government in hiding the truth from us it quickly starts to sound like we’ve reached the levels of dishonesty and just plain evil that existed in the Soviet Union and its satellites.  I won’t be surprised when Biden and Harris flee the country in a while.  The question is where can they hide if this turns out as badly as it seems to be.

12FEB2022 – OCF Update – Not Beating a Brain Dead Horse

The day after posting “Dementia Joe Gets a Hat Trick” and “The Biden Presidency is Officially Failed” I think it behooves me to at least switch the club to my left hand, if for no other reason at least for the sake of symmetrical blood spatter patterns.  I haven’t seen any fresh evidence that Biden is still moving or even breathing so I’ll switch gears today and look for life affirming stuff.

Seriously, the Democrats are retreating from COVID so fast that soon they will claim it never happened.  I especially like those compilation videos that have Fauci and the rest of the mandate crowd contradicting their every pronouncement over and over.  We have to be able to display all this when the time comes.  What will be especially important is when the safety data on these vaccines finally get aired.  From what I’ve heard from Robert Malone, it’s horrendously bad.  The mRNA in these drugs have even been implicated in creating cancers.

What needs to be done is not just win the midterms.  What needs to be pushed is just how many wrong policies the Democrats have pushed in the last few years and the amount of damage these policies have caused.  Vaccine mandates, mask mandates, defund the police, sponsor and protect BLM riots, CRT, import millions of illegal aliens and transport them around the country, degrade the military, weaponize the Justice Department, turn the FBI into the Stasi.  It goes on and on.  The elections from now on have to be about delegitimizing the Democrat Party and rolling back their entire agenda.

It’s a sunny, almost balmy day here in Dunwich.  I plan to get out and take some photos of the retreating snow and ice in the brilliant light.  I’m sure to find something to complain about eventually but right now I want to get some air.

I’m finally reading the next Galaxy’s Edge installment “Legacies.”  I’ve fallen a few books behind because I waited for Legacies to come out in paperback but it never did.  Eventually I gave up and bought a hardcover copy at a good price.  Turned out to be an autographed copy!  The following episodes are available in paperback so I’ll catch up up soon enough.

Enjoy the morning.


The COVID Wall is About to Topple

A crack here and a crack there and pretty soon the whole rotten wall is about to fall.

When the Atlantic has an article entitled “Open Everything: End Covid Mandates Now” on the same day that the Spectator has “Are Dems Finally Waking Up–or Are They Just Scared?” then even an idiot knows the jig is up.  But COVID true believers aren’t regular idiots they are zealots.  They are gonna howl and spit and throw a fit.

Any day now Dementia Joe is going to discover that the pandemic is over and the great pivot will occur.  Suddenly he’ll be responsible for freeing the COVID slaves.  Never mind that he fought tooth and claw to institute vax mandates and passports.  He will be our savior.  He’ll probably declare a day of Thanksgiving, “Thank Heaven for Dopey Joe” Day.  Parades will wind between the barbed wire walls of DC and bureaucrats will line the streets (still wearing their masks by the way) and cheering the conquering hero standing tall in his Depends.

The question is will it be enough to get the country to forgive the Dems for ripping a couple of years out of our lives and especially the lives of our children and grandchildren?  I’m guessing not.  The midterms are very close and masked or unmasked, America still “looks like Yucca Flats after the blast.”  Empty store shelves food and fuel at double the price of a year ago.  The surveillance state investigating our every move.  No, I don’t think the people will be in the mood to forgive and forget.

But Joe will give us one of his stuttering stem-winders that goes on for an hour about how great he is and how lucky we are to have him around.  Probably they’ll start another round of arm-twisting Manchin and Sinema into supporting Build Back Better and kill the filibuster and the Steal Elections Bill.  They’re not very original but they are persistent.

So, the Democrats can learn.  It only takes six months of ghastly poll numbers for them to completely reverse “the science.”  They’ll replace the old lies with new lies and turn on a dime.  Fine, I guess if they’re also willing to unleash petroleum drilling and allow us to have reasonably priced fuel then the economy would revive.  But that’s a bridge too far.  They really believe in the Green Economy.  It probably would be a leap of faith to believe that battery cars and solar panels are the cause of all their problems.

Good.  That blind spot is perfectly positioned to lose them the mid-terms and with any luck well beyond that.  But for today I’ll just enjoy the fact that the COVID madness is finally being called off.  The stupidity and dishonesty have been maddening but even the Democrats finally recognized that they were holding back the ocean with a butterfly net.  I’ll start making my plans for summer.  I’ve been invited to go up to Yellowstone.  It’s a bit of a stretch but I can only imagine the great photos I’ll take, unless I get eaten by a grizzly on day one. Well, that would be exciting!

Enjoy the day.

Even Deep Blue NJ is Dropping the School Mask Mandate

After almost losing his job last November as governor, Phil Murphy has announced that he will lift the school mask mandate in March in New Jersey.  Of course the school boards can keep the farce going if they dare but then they will risk being thrown out of office when they come up for re-election.  The article noted this will put pressure on New York State and City to end their school mask mandates also.

So for my money this is one of the biggest cracks in the COVID wall.  March seems to be the month that makes sense.  Spring begins and flu season comes to an end.  Let me tell you it can’t end soon enough for me.  New England is even worse than New York and New Jersey so they’ll drag it out as long as they possibly can here.  But it will happen.

The important thing is for all of us to remind the voters in November who tortured us for the last two plus years and who deserves to lose their jobs for it.

Is Canada Getting Red-Pilled?

My exposure to Canadians has been limited.  I had a good friend at a couple of my jobs back in the 90’s and he was intelligent, funny and friendly.  But, as with all Canadians I’ve known, he was noticeably obsessed with following the rules.  I recently worked with a Canadian who was unfriendly, sarcastic and unimaginative but likewise he was a box checker.  He followed the rules as painfully as anyone I’ve ever known.

What are the chances that Canada as a whole, or even a majority of them decide to break the rules?  My guess is, it’s very unlikely.  With the trucker’s protest going on in Ottawa Trudeau has banked on the ingrained obedience of Canadians to allow him to crush the protest without more than a minor amount of resistance.  And even if the truckers put up a good fight and the police have to beat and maybe kill a few good men, the rest of Canada will stand idly by and watch it without as much as a shout of outrage at the injustice.  I think this is what will happen.

But as well behaved as Canadians are, will they be so easily cowed that when it comes time to re-elect their government in 2023 that they will just resignedly push the lever for the government that crushed a peaceful protest?  Are they that spiritless and docile?  My guess is they are not.

Americans have collectively reached their limit of COVID fascism.  Even the true-believers are exhausted and dispirited over continuing the soul crushing exercise that forces people to be inoculated with vaccines that don’t vaccinate and wear masks that don’t protect.  They’re tired of their children missing their childhood while they wear masks while trying to play in the schoolyard and even while playing sports.  By March even that dolt Biden will be forced to end the mandates.  He knows the mandates are killing his presidency and he’s cowardly enough to reverse direction to avoid his approval rating reaching single digits.  Several European countries have already eliminated the COVID restrictions altogether.  It will happen everywhere soon.

So, I’m guessing even the hypercompliant Canadians must be reaching their limit too.  And if in this state of mind, they get to see, on the six o’clock news, the storm troopers in Ottawa hauling hard-working Canadians off to jail I think this will be enough to piss them off.  I think it will be similar to what we saw in Virginia.  Basically, liberals who are pushed too far.  They will toss Trudeau and the Liberals out of power.

I don’t know much about the Canadian Conservative party.  I assume they are much like the spineless Republican establishment; useless.  But it’s always possible that some few men with backbones could seize the opportunity to revolt against the mealy-mouthed hollow suits who follow along with the Liberals.  Maybe this could be their Trump moment when they wake up from the dream and try to take their country back.  Or maybe they’ll just follow the rules and dig their own graves as the rules tell them to.


Wanted: Local Political Contributors

As the Primary and General Off-Year Elections creep up on us I’m interested in getting posts from readers about their local political scene.  Places like Texas, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois, Minnesota are represented by readers here.  Even Canada and Australia have local political stories that some of our readers might want to provide.  So if you are interested in sharing your perspective on your local politics, get in touch.  Either leave a comment or send an e-mail to orionscoldfire at charter dot net.  Anonymity is, of course, perfectly fine and if you prefer to discuss local cultural issues instead of or in addition to politics that also is encouraged.  I’ll add this want-ad to the footer of the posts for a while to see if I can entice any readers to write.

Grumbles in the Time of Frostbite

As the titular head of the household I announced that I was heading out to clear the snow.  Camera Girl goes through this act where she asks me if I want her to come out and help clear the snow.  The absurdity of this offer always exasperates me but I always assure her that I’ll have her shoveling snow over my dead body which I believe is her idea.

So after blowing the snow off the driveway for a couple of hours I noticed that my feet were pretty numb which was surprising.  It was in the mid-twenties when I went out and even though the wind was gale strength at times I assumed my face would have been more effected than my feet.  When I finshed the upper driveway I decided I better get inside for awhile.  Frostbite is a real thing around here.  Camera Girl informed me that the temperature had dropped quickly after I went out and it was currently twelve degrees.  And since the light would be gone in an hour I decided to call a halt to the snow work for the day.  But when I looked out at the driveway (see above) it already had a couple of new inches of snow on it.  This is the futility of living in New England.  Just as nature abhors a vcuum, winter around here abhors cleared pavement.  Tomorrow morning I’ll be out there again moving another four or five inches of the white death.  But I comfort myself with the knowledge that there won’t be any ice during this round of precipitation.  That is the saving grace when you reach February.  At least I hope so.

The articles I saw today were concentrated on two subjects.  The first group were all about how Dementia Joe getting to pick a diversity hire for Breyer’s seat on the Supreme Court would reboot his presidency and return him to FDR status.  Hah!

The second group were progressives trying to talk themselves off of the ledge about COVID.  They know that the COVID fascism has been the strongest reason for Dopey Joe’s fall from grace but they just can’t let go of the COVID security blanket.  It’s become a mental crutch that they don’t know how to drop.  There’s all this whining and breast beating about all the deaths and how it would be rewarding those evil anti-vaxers by living normally and treating COVID as just the common cold.  It looks like they’re starting to crack.  Even the COVID nazis in New England are noting that the ICU’s are far from full.  In March when the flu season is over they’re going to throw in the towel and expose their lower faces to the rays of sunlight.  Boy won’t that be something.  I hope they still remember how to smile.

I know it’s “unbridled entusiasm” talking but it’s just amazing how encouraging it is for absolutely everything to be going wrong for the Marxists at the same time.  And the most encouraging thing of all is the stability of Biden’s rock-bottom approval ratings.  These psychopaths seem to have finally alienated even the marching morons of the squishy middle.  And that’s something that might give us the chance to take back Washington for at least a few years.  And that could allow us to make some changes that limit the amount of control the Left has over us.

Okay, I’ve bridled my enthusiasm.  I’ve got some photo and quotation work to do now so I’ll end this here.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Go Brandon!

Another One Bites the Dust – Denmark Ends COVID Restrictions

Denmark plans to end COVID restrictions on February 1st. Britain, Ireland, Denmark are all returning to sanity.  And this is even in the face of the enormous number of cases from the current “omicron variant.”  Now, Dementia Joe is obviously slow on the uptake but even a dope like he is will catch up eventually.  Let’s say middle of March.  Hang in there folks.

Post Covid

As we continue along the painfully slow awakening from the COVID fever dream I guess it’s time to start wondering what will be the result of this whole thing. One of the things I’ve been debating is what percentage of people will continue to believe that all of this was justified. Another thing that I think about is will anyone go back and try to sort through all the lies and misleading information that were used to justify so many harmful actions.
For instance, for two years, we’ve handled statistics for hospitalizations and deaths that substituted cases that included COVID for cases caused by COVID. If this one thing were clarified it might enrage most of the country at the obvious dishonesty perpetrated. Another example is the refusal to admit that anyone who had COVID either asymptomatically or otherwise was just as immune (or more so) as someone who had been vaccinated and therefore shouldn’t have to be vaccinated.
One thing that seems clear is that someone like Fauci needs to be fired immediately. I’ve seen a video clip of his various pronouncements on masks, vaccines, boosters, mandates and other things. He has contradicted himself on almost every position and yet somehow, he claims he’s always following the science. This little troll is a pathological liar and is probably responsible for half of the anger afflicting Americans today. A doctor is supposed to, “first, do no harm.” That seems to be the opposite of what he does. The fact that he is one of the highest paid bureaucrats in the country is an affront to every tax payer living.
Another aspect of all that’s happened that needs daylight shed on it is the actual safety of the vaccines. The death and injury caused by these vaccines has never been tracked for the public beyond incidental news stories of unusual occurrences like teenagers and twenty-somethings dying of heart attacks and strokes. What needs to be aired is just how high the injuries and deaths are from these vaccines as compared to other vaccines like a flu shot. Without an honest appraisal of these injuries, doubt and anger will live on for decades and will hamper any subsequent vaccine effort, no matter how necessary it might be.
And finally, a law needs to be put in place to absolutely prohibit forcing Americans to submit to medication. Even if COVID really had been the bioweapon it was meant to be, people in the United States are supposed to be free. Forcing them to be used as guinea pigs for a biological agent whose efficacy and safety are wholly unknown is a crime that should disqualify those politicians from ever holding office again.
But the truth is nothing will be done. Our politicians are cowards and they bow before the might of the all-powerful administrative state. Fauci will be there as long as he wants. Morons in California and New York will continue to vote for creatures like Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo. The only good that has come from this whole fiasco is that some of us now see who the few leaders were who stood between us and the bureaucracy that wanted to treat us like cattle and trample on our rights. I guess the best example was DeSantis. He stood single-handedly against the Biden administration and the school boards and represented us and our children. And now it can be seen clearly that Florida has continued to live normally while every blue state is only now slowly staggering toward the light and realizing what they sacrificed.


Chemist –

I’m a numbers guy.
Let’s put some numbers to this, shall we?
The number of Covid deaths over the past 2 years is about 800,000.
The director of the CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, is on record telling us that 75% of those deaths were to people with four or more comorbidities!
How many with 3? 2? 1?
How many people died from Covid and Covid alone? I don’t know, but since 25% of 800,000 is 200,000 we know that the number is less than that – so less than 100,000 per year.
In a year with a particularly deadly flu season, 50,000 people die from the flu.
It is safe to say that the Covid death toll is about on a par with a bad flu season and we don’t shut down the economy, make people wear useless masks, and inject them with untried vaccines for that!

Another number – again from the CDC: Natural immunity is six times more effective than artificial immunity from the “Vaccines.”
Why then are we screaming that “Everyone mush get the jab!” when people who already had the disease are far better protected than the vaccinated?
Is it because the bureaucrats are lazy and don’t want to be bothered with the effort of tracking natural immunity?
Is it because its hard to say who has natural immunity? (Its not – a simple blood test will do.)
Or is it because the pharma companies got tens of billions of dollars from the federal government?
You decide. Corruption or sloth?
I know: “Embrace the power of and”.


I think if we had competent national health officials they would have embraced the idea of providing the elderly and chronically ill with isolation and treatments like anti-virals and other agents for pneumonia instead of locking down healthy adults and unaffected children.  Instead we got Fauci banging the cash register for Pfizer and Moderna.  I hate that man.



This is a twitter thread with videos from Canada about 50,000 trucks and 500,000 people heading
to Ottawa to protest the COVID mandate, etc. I found this very encouraging.



Guest Contributor – TomD – 24JAN2022 – COVID

Tom | Flickr

Even in Florida, if I’m in a medical establishment, it’s mask on. At least in the waiting room, once I’m make it back to the examination room I say (truthfully), “I don’t hear well, can we dispense with these?” The Dr will inevitably say “sure!”

But this morning in the waiting room with about 15 others, all dutifully masked, I went into a slow steam. I really wanted to take my mask off and tell the rest, “Don’t you know even the CDC admits that the masks are 100% useless. Why are we being forced to wear them?”

I hate the masks for multiples of reasons, even on others, because I wasn’t kidding, I do have hearing problems. The combination of the USMC, many decades of competitive and recreational shooting plus Deep Purple concerts has dropped my threshold for hearing in the 2 kHz-4 kHz range to 90 dB. Add a mask to that to that and I can’t make out doodly-squat.

Other than medical buildings, there are no masks down here other than the maybe 2% who choose to mask for whatever private reason. I’ve no problem with that, but I hate coerced actions. My sister wore masks before she died a couple of months ago, but that was because chemo had reduced her immune system to junk.


Chemist – 

I feel your pain. I work in a very technical field with technical people. Corporate has dictated masks for all. I get it. They don’t want to get sued. So they enforce the mask rule and dutifully report the number of Covid cases per week at our site.
I recently went on a rant about the uselessness of the mask and that even the CDC admits they are useless.
People in the vicinity of my cube defended the mandate. I pointed out the size of a virus and the mesh size of cloth masks. It fell on deaf ears.
Finally, one senior person stood up and said: “Its worth it if it saves even one life” and the rest agreed.
I doubt masking has saved a single life over the past 2 years around the entire planet.
Even if it has, that’s a crappy way to determine policy.
But I gave up. I sat down. Took off my mask (Yes, we can take off the masks when sitting inside our cubicals) and went back to work.