Tucker Carlson Showing Real Guts

Tucker Carlson is doing an expose on the January 6th protest/setup and he is getting enormous pushback from everyone on the Left from the ADL to Liz Cheney to every crazed lunatic on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News itself.

I have to admire his courage and coincidentally I’m shocked that Fox News is allowing him to do it.  And to dust off an old chestnut, “If you’re taking flak you’re probably over the target.”  Kudos to TC for speaking truth to power.  I’m sure Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter will ban the video and any clips from it from their platforms.

But Fox News is a pretty big megaphone.  If he has anything new that will give it wide coverage.  And even if we’ve heard it before lots of normies haven’t seen it all laid out together.

I’m looking forward to watching it.  Carlson has been hammering Biden pretty hard lately and it’s gratifying to see.  Tipping points are really hard to identify.  Let’s just call this another nail in the coffin.

Guest Contributor – TomD – Insights Into Atlanta

Tom | Flickr

Above, going through Buckhead on Ga 400 a couple of weeks ago.

I grew up in metro Atlanta and spent most of my life there up until a few years ago, but never within the City limits.

The big deal there now is that the richest subdivision of the city, Buckhead, is trying hard to secede from Atlanta in order to form it’s own police force and may well succeed. (I think I’ve never previously managed to get both secede and succeed in the same sentence.) The chaos, murder, car jackings, rampant shopliftings and police stand downs really didn’t play well with the folks over on Blackland Rd near the Governors Mansion along with their $50k-$100K per year property tax bills for their “houses”.

If Buckhead pulls it off, it will play the devil with Atlanta’s tax base. It would take away around 15% of the population of Atlanta City but maybe up to 60%+ of the property value. That’ll teach them to screw with the goose that laid the golden egg! Just try looting a few $billions in “tax” from the inner city neighborhoods. Fat chance of that.

BTW: The City of Atlanta is just a niche in Greater Atlanta, with a population of around a half million in the 7 million person by 10,000 square mile metro area.

Atlanta Discovers That Police Prevent Crime

I find this one hilarious.  The two major Democrat candidates for Atlanta mayor are outbidding each for how many more police they will hire.  One says 250 the other triples that.  By gum, they’ll fix this whole Mad Max, Road Warrior thing by putting an ad in the paper for more cops.

I just love it.  They charge cops with murder if they defend themselves against armed thugs and then they expect to get actual police deterrence.  These guys will do the same thing the old guys are doing.  Lean on the side of their squad cars and play games on their phones.  I hope to watch on cable news as the gangs burn the CNN headquarters just for laughs and the police stand aside and let nature take its course.

The only thing that will bring the cities back is hiring a mayor, city council, district attorney and police chief who codify the right of police officers to use deadly force when it’s necessary.  Until then the gangs will burn, loot and murder to their hearts’ content.

When all the Fortune 500 flee the cities and the city coffers are empty these cities will be Detroit.  Maybe new cities will be built in the Red States with walls and gates and there won’t be any space for the gangsters.  Can’t think of another way to deal with a lawless country.

28OCT2021 – OCF Update

Finally up to snuff.  So I’ve been catching up on my chores.  Fixing a fence, stowing some gardening equipment, some prep for some larger tasks.  But ti’s good to be back in the land of the living.  As I was walking by a hill I could hear one lonely cricket still chirping slow and low.  I couldn’t help saying to him, “Hang in there brother.”

I look around today at the headlines; economy tanking, inflation running amok, Biden sucks; same old, same old.

But on the home front lots of good stuff going on.  Halloween will be a real thing this year.  They’ve taken the plastic wrap off the kids and they can go out and beg for grubby candy.  We’ve got a grandson’s birthday coming up here and we’ve also wrangled the rights to hosting Thanksgiving for all the grandkids this year.  So whatever else Dementia Joe destroys he may be too late to destroy Thanksgiving.  And I say that knowing that there may be no turkeys or pumpkin pie because of “supply chain” foul ups.  But for whatever reason hope is in the air.

I looked at TCM’s line-up of horror movies for Halloween and they really are pathetic.  They’ve ignored almost all the Universal Classic Monster movies and they’ve back-filled with a lot of shlocky 1950’s and 1960’s Vincent Price junk.  I could understand if they had decided to go for more modern fare but then they could have had Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, maybe some of the really gruesome stuff from the 1990’s.  But apparently they’ve lost interest.  I’m looking around to review at least one good horror movie for Halloween.  If anyone has a suggestion that I haven’t already reviewed feel free to leave it in the comments.

I noticed that the poll takers, Reuters and Harris and the rest haven’t tried too hard to boost Biden’s poll numbers over the last couple of weeks.  Or if they have it hasn’t helped.  He’s been at approximately -10 (40 up, 50 down) for a while.  I’m curious to see if it can go much below that.  If it got to -20 (30/60) I bet even Dementia Joe’s puppet master will consider trying to repair some of the damage done to the economy by shutting off the petroleum supplies.  But then again they are true believers.  Maybe nothing will stop them from trying to destroy the US economy and us.

I’m going back into some older pictures for my Photo of the Day.  It’s stuff I took with my Sony A-850 DSLR.  Some of it is more than ten years ago.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the great quality of a lot of the files.  And it’s been a nostalgic experience seeing some of the people and places that were around back then.

Well, that’s enough rambling for now.  More organized posting to follow.

LA-EA5 Compatibility – The Last Piece of the Puzzle

So recently I’ve been looking at the Sony A7 IV camera as the natural replacement for the my Sony A7 III.  It ticks all the boxes.  It’s got a sensor that is very close to the A7 III great sensor but with a few needed improvements thrown in.  It’s got better autofocus and tracking capability, improved menus, a fully articulated and touch sensitive LED, more megapixels and a better viewfinder.  It’s got a lot of other jazz that’s associated with video but since I don’t do video it’s just noise to me.  That’s everything that I could ask for in a camera.  But the one extra thing I was hoping for was that it would be able to autofocus my old motorless A-mount lenses with the LA-EA5 adapter.  When Sony introduced this adapter they didn’t enable all their cameras to use this feature.  And for me that was a sore point.  I have a couple of A-mount lenses that are extremely good and making them autofocusable would make them much more  useful to me.

So it was with great joy that I saw this link on another photo site.

ILCE-7M4 – Lens|Compatibility Information

The A7 IV will allow me to autofocus these lenses and now I just have to sell a kidney to buy the camera.

Huzzah, huzzah!


2021 Election Stuff

I’ve been recovering the last few days from a bug.  It had some of the symptoms of a flu like muscle aches and headache but no fever.  Very strange.  But sitting in the center of the witches’ brew of manufactured viruses and untested vaccines I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow I woke up and had blue stripes running around my face.

We live in interesting times.  The Nov 2nd election day is pretty small stuff but the gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey will be very early tests of just how unpopular the Democrats have made themselves.  New Jersey is a very blue state but they alternate between Democrat and Republican governors.  The Republicans are brought in every eight years to undo some of the damage done by the previous Democrat regime.  But this is just the end of the Democrat’s first term so a loss would be unusual. Massachusetts does a similar thing.  All federal positions are a Democrat lock but they bring in a Republican governor whenever the taxes, graft and dysfunction become too painful.

Virginia recently slipped from a purple state to a blue one.  It’s assumed the Democrats will hold the governor’s mansion.  But the Loudon County public schools CRT flap and the recent rapes by a “transgender” student have rattled a lot of suburban moms and there is a thought that this might tip the election to the Republican.

With respect to New Jersey, I think it’s highly unlikely that they will replace their current Democrat governor.  He’s only served one four-year term and although he has killed a goodly number of nursing home residents during the COVID debacle he probably hasn’t completely drained the state treasury yet.  So, I say he’ll be reelected.

In Virginia I think this election will be a test case for how thorough the state’s fraudulent election process is.  If they’ve locked it down so that no matter how many votes the Republicans get the Democrats will still win by the requisite two percent then this will be a bellwether for the rest of the country.  And it will throw the gauntlet down for any states like Georgia that have enacted legislation to prevent fraud.  With the whole country watching if Virginia is able to thumb their noses at election fraud scrutiny and bring home the bacon for the Democrats then Atlanta is going to have to suck it up and repeat the bang up job they did in 2020.

But if by some miracle, both governors’ races go to the Republicans it will be a flashing red light that 2022 will be a massacre for the Democrats.  And it might mean even Democrats don’t like what’s happening in their country and want to turn things around.  But we’re talking major miracles here so I don’t think so.

As far as the country at large it has been heartening to see the rise of the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme and also the Jet Pack Joe thing too.  Seeing Dementia Joe denigrated and mocked is a great thing indeed.  What I’d love to see is a little chant going on in the White House press briefing.  How would Psaki react to that?

Some people probably don’t think that open mockery of the president is that big a deal.  But they’re wrong.  Having this ricochet around the news cycle is exactly the kind of thing that demoralizes the people in the administration who are the true believers and think they’ve got the youth demographic on their side.  To hear stadiums of young people shouting the Joe Biden f-bomb chant puts the lie to that.  But like any meme they get stale quickly so something new is needed every month or so.  Hopefully some new angle on the mockery will surface soon.  And it will.  Looking at Biden performing at that town hall it’s pretty apparent that he is not a well man.  And that’s even taking his age into account.  With the economy in a stagflation death spiral it won’t be long before Joe will be forced to give the Carter Malaise Speech which should be the last nail in the coffin.  I wonder how Kamala will like being president in 2022 when the Congress flips against her?  Hopefully she’s practicing that creepy cackle that she stole from Hillary for the questions she’ll get that election day.

Boy, I sound much too cheerful.  I guess I haven’t bought gasoline recently.  When I do that should sober me up.  Now that I’m mostly recovered, I hope to get back to my usual schedule.  Halloween is Sunday and I’ve been trying to come up with something appropriate but nothing has presented itself so far.  But I’ll do my best to honor the holiday.  Tradition is important.

Well, that enough for now.  Stay tuned for bigger and better things.


Update: Interestingly, Fox News has come out with a poll showing the Republican candidate in the Virginia  governor’s race  (Youngkin) is ahead 53% to 45%.  Well shut my mouth and stuff it up with corn pone!  The South is rising again!